lundi 27 décembre 2010

Extreme defamation!

I am a woman of 53 years, professional and mother of two children I love. I have a disability that severely limits my ability to work. I do travel in adapted transport. Throughout my life I have lived many abuses and losses of all kinds. Why? Because I am a targeted individual since my birth. I lived all my life in a system that is called «Gang Stalking», this has been since the very beginning. But this fact I do not know that until very recently.

According to my sources, many years ago, when my father was still young and he started in the construction trades while working on his own, someone targeted him. The person in question wanted him so at the point of wanting to completely destroy him and everything he loved, including his descendants. Vengeance is blind and completely deaf rage, my father became one of those innocent victims targeted condemned to live in the Gang Stalking, harassment of the overall system perpetrated by several individuals at the same time involving the participation of the community. This type of harassment often lasts a lifetime. And my mother by attending has been hit too. And, surely because of that, our family broke while I was only 11 years, being the second of six children. Subsequently, we do not have much known my father or his family elsewhere. The links were cut. In addition, those between members of own family deteriorated more and more.

So I was targeted too, even before my birth. These people already wanted to destroy me. So, because I was the first daughter of this family and a fruit of love, these depraved decided to make me see all the colors from the start. The lie is the basis for the Gang Stalking, various defamatory statements were spread about me. When I came into the world, I was just a baby and I was already denigrated by everyone around me. They had stuck on me the label of "nymphomaniac". And I, in my innocence, I knew nothing of this. I do not understand also how somebody was able to destroy the life of an innocent baby. Well...

Then I learned later that someone else had claimed that I was also a «pedophile». This person had probably believed the false rumors of "nymphomaniac" to add other falsehoods. I was completely knocked down when I knew this. For me, I knew absolutely nothing about this. Nobody had ever said anything until this year, in 2010. But this revelation has helped me to clarify the behavior of many people to me. When I knew that I coud’nt  take this seriously. But when I realised it was, I  have been forced to reread my entire life.

So, I remembered a priest that I had known when I was youg who had hostile behavior toward me for no reason. I have heard that this priest told to the others things that I was’nt sure what was about but it was surely bad about me. Nevertheless, I knew that it because a friend, a young man, who wanted show him better than the others had spreaded lies about me. Mayby he had believed the false rumors of "nymphomaniac" too. So I went immediately to see the priest set the record straight. But what he told me this time was rather vulgar. I said nothing because I was so shocked and embarrassed. I only asked him to stop saying these things. That kind of talk was not usual for me. Besides, I do not understand either why he talked to me that way. And, after talking to him, I thought that he understood his mistake. And to explain his actions, I thought it was probably the result of prejudices from him or jealousy. This, because of the hostility he had shown with me in the past without any reason. But I did not judge his behavior.

Yet the years have passed and it seems that bad language would be given to delight in adding to my account to anyone who will listen, all sorts of falsehoods about me. Thus the evil spirits were running high while the purists were offended by what they heard. For others, they took the opportunity to feed their jealousy, envy and spill their hatred on me, taking me as a scapegoat, and so on. It has traveled paths both common and unusual like wildfire. Where does it come from? I do not really know.

But with what I know now, it seems that the cause of all this is the «Gang Stalking». So, I was despised and abused by many people throughout my life and in all areas. I rode with sticks in the wheels constantly. I also experienced harassment and humiliation of all kinds by different people without ever knowing why, either. In addition, gangs have always prowled around me. Almost all my life, they are asked in jumping on my way. But, by being a positive and combative person, even if I had health problems, I just went my way. And I tried to turn my challenges to victory as possible.

But over the years, more and more people behaved strangely with me or were hostile more and more for no reason. And, most of the time, their actions had a very unpleasant sexual connotation. Also, since I live in this neighborhood, a gang harassed me in many different ways and while trying to intimidate me. Precisely because of this, I discovered that I was targeted by the Gang Stalking system. Because I made a lot of research about gangs, I discovered this word: Gang Stalking.

Nevertheless, there is a little over two years, harassment and bullying have reached epidemic proportions beyond belief. And this gang that harassed me eventually merge with the community to harass me. At this point, I started to observe more and more symptoms of electronic harassment too. I continued to experience all kinds of losses: blocked projects, relations turned sour for no reason, health deteriorated, various harm, theft, street theater, assaults, surveillance 24/24- 7 / 7, etc.. I lost almost all my friends, one after the other. Then this year I heard for the first time the nickname "Nympho-pedophile". I could not believe it. I could hardly believe it myself and take it seriously. I knew that was impossible, that it did not make sense.

But by seeing people acting, I saw that they were really believing in that stupid thing. Thus I understood that bad people had decided to exploit these false rumors by inventing this character who epitomized their own fantasy, that of "nympho-pedophile." This, of course, they showed that as me through tricks, photos and videos made by means of advanced technology. Then, these productions seem to have been broadcast all over the net. What could I say? It is nothing less than... DEFAMATION EXTREME!

From what you told me about this sham of avatar, it would possess characteristics scare, prompting the fantasy any perverse. But the worst part of it is that almost everyone seems to believe in that. Now imagine their reaction when they meet me... It's hell! They all look at me as a kind of circus curiosity. They not only look at me with their sly smile,  many of them let do on me all sorts of little mischief. Seeing them, I finally understand that the Gang Stalking was the reason for their strange behavior with me.

Yet, until recently I knew nothing of all this. It is by realizing what was happening that I've really lost my innocence. And today, even if I try to deliver the truth, people seems unwilling to believe me. And I still do not understand that: "Why do people choose to believe in that?" I guess it was good for them. Because they seem to have found a good excuse to take me as a scapegoat. How can we slip so deeply at this point and become so bad with someone? I wonder.

However, those behind this hate crime were really organized to discredit me by making me go completely mad. This is to silence and destroy me. And at the top of this, I live all sorts of computer blockages while I try to tell the truth to the world and find these tricks on the internet to serve as evidence to denounce them. Thus, this is for this reason that I could not do anything yet in that direction. But during that time ... Gang Stalking and torture continue to destroy me and make me suffer, me and mine.

What a discovery! It's really sad to see all these lack of love ...

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par France Quenneville, le 15 novembre, 2010.

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