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The "Hackers" are stalking you!

Deni of Electronic Services
The "Hackers" follow you while you work on your computer or even on any other electronic device. However, they only need a radio signal to access to your data. Then it's a breeze for them to introduce into your device with wireless technologies.

For example, they enter at the same time on your computer and follow you everywhere on the internet to perform all sorts of obstacles. They can also steal documents, destroy or erase them. They can locate all kinds of viruses, malware or even completely change the lineup and cause all sorts of dysfunction to your devices. For example, they can also integrate unauthorized certificates that have for effect of blocking the access to certain functions of search engines on internet.

RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
Crime Technology:
Protection against fraud:
http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/scams-fraudes/student-etudiant-guide-fra.htm # Malware
Electronic Communications:
Privacy Law in Canada: http://lois.justice.gc.ca/fr/P-21/index.html

Intrusion into the computer
To get into your computer while you're not, they should schedule the automatic starter while you're there. And this must be programmed to a certain time to be, unless they change it, always the same. So if you find that your computer starts exactly at the same time every day, that's what happens. To prevent intruders when you're not using it, when you leaving your computer make sure that the autorun is disabled.

To collect evidence of this hacking, you can check the scheduled time for starting and filming the operation as scheduled. But if you speak to explain what is happening, be aware that anybody can hear through the microphone inside your computer. So they will gess what you're trying to do. So, plan to save the document immediately after its completion on an SD card that you also immediately remove from the device. Because they can try to erase your device even when is not in use.

Non-operational links

If you have a website or blog, there may be attempts to prevent the visitors to have access to your page or having access to resources and references that you give to them. The "Hackers" have several ways to block the access to these links. You must find different ways to enter your home and reactivate links not operationals. You have to be fast because they can be more than one and when you correct the link they corrupt other one. Usely they put some characters before the adress or after or in the midle. You will have to take this out.

Access to your own page or blog

Maybe if you enter the address in the address bar, you do not have access to your page. First, do not copy and paste the desired address. Rather write it manually in the address bar. You can also enter the address or a keyword referring to the name of your blog in a search engine and try to access it this way. If the page does not open, you can try to access it through the translator of your link page or using the "cached".

In prevention, every time you publish a text, send a copy to your different email addresses.sometimes it is possible to access to your blog through by the links sent to other addresses.

It may happen that you enter the correct address but it is says "page not found". Often it is only a psychological barrier because if you click on the link that is included on this page, you have access to the address you want. But you can read the adress in the bar and remove the characters there are not supposed to be there.

Check accessibility to your links page without entering on it

They need you to enter on your blog to have access to your data. So, to test the links, do not enter on your blog. Do it as if you were a visitor. Then, note the most important links that do not work to fix.

Check the address non-operational links
Once into your account to make corrections, check if the links inserted indeed contain the correct address. Take the time to verify all the characters of the address. For the "Hackers" can include any other character, including one or more spaces that make the links completely non-operational.

For example, they may include a number sign followed by the sign of the percentages at the end of the address this way: http://francequenneville.blogspot.com20%, or they can straightforwardly add a different address just before one you entered in this way: http://blogger.conhttp://francequenneville.blogspot.com. These additions, are enough to not get the linked page to the link even if it is good. We arrive on a web page marked "Link Found" Therefore remove characters added. It is necessary to check very carefully because these data can also add a single space anywhere in the address and that may go unnoticed. This will prevent your link to open or you will not have access. We must all remove what should not be part of the address. Then test again the link. It must also verify all from time to time and make the necessary corrections. So the link should be that: http://francequenneville.blogspot.com but instead they ad characters  like that:

Repair few links
When you work inside your blog, you can change lots of other links, change the programming of your page or edit your text. So, make the correction quickly changing only one or two links at the time to get out as quickly as possible to your account. Thus, you are blocking their access to your data.
RCMP Electronic Communications:


Protect yourself, protect your computer, protect your business:

- Protect your electronic identity
- Enable your firewall
- Use anti-virus software
- Prevent spyware attacks
- Install the latest updates to your operating system
- Save your file
- Protect your wireless network
- Delete emails from unknown senders
- Surf the Internet safely
- Call a qualified person to get help

Source: Royal Canadian Mounted Police: www.rcmp-rcmp.gc.ca
Canadian Anti-Fraud Center Technologies and structures of organized crime:
Article: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/gazette/vol72n3/panel-debat-fra.htm

P.S. We can not avoid it any brighter than they should be and be operational strategies to do it even has what we do. Remember, these are human beings who are just as imperfect as everyone else.

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Good luck!

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