mardi 25 janvier 2011

Pollution: the secret weapon of a hidden war

Pollution in all its forms is used to destroy the targeted individual’s lives. It deteriorates throughout their lives: health, body, relationships, material possessions, thinking, work, finances, recreation, environment, etc. The Perpetrators want to eliminate them as quickly as possible by inflicting maximum pain while leaving the least possible traces. So they destroyed everything they have, whatever they are, what they were and even what they might become.
Deteriorating health
- Intoxicate freon and other refrigerants
- Exposure, poison and infect gamma (armed with microwaves)
- Exposure, poison and infect the X-ray scanner
- Exposure, poison and infect-ray laser
- Exposure, poison and infect the microwave
- Exposure, poison and infect EMF (electromagnetic fields)
- Disintegrating parts of discs in the column
- Cause chronic pain by removing flesh under the skin (laser)
- Cause incurable illnesses or chronic deseases
- Cause of Injury
Deterioration of body and beauty
- Deprived of basic needs (sleep / rest, elimination, feeding, etc.)
- To age prematurely (rays)
- Exaggerate the existing features and add
- Ugly
- Causing irreparable injury
- Deteriorate or decay of body parts
- Cause diseases
Impair quality of life
- Remove the flesh and tissues of the body required for comfort
- Causing unbearable pain that will worsen with time
- Deprived of adequate care
- Deny support
- Isolation
- Causing irreparable damages
Pollution of the mind
- Morale
- Manipulation of the mind
- Introduce thoughts, sounds or images in dreams unhealthy
- Induction of negative thoughts, toxic and unhealthy
Psychological pollution

- Cause of Injury
- Deny support
- Causing constant mourning
- Try to bring the madness (to discredit)
Pollution of sexuality
- Abuse and Sexual Assault
- Sexual harassment
- Induction of constant evil thoughts
- Attention of perps focused on sex
- Deterioration and mutilation of the genitalia organs
- Cause sexual deseases (cancer, etc)
Emotional pollution
- Deterioration of relations with relatives
- Destroy nearby projects
- Destroy the lives of loved ones
- Destroying or harming pets
- Destroying or stealing objects of sentimental value
- Erase all traces of the past of the person
- Steal or destroy the memories
- Seek to provoke ill feelings
Pollution and social relational
- Destroy the reputation,
- Defamation
- Destroy time spend with relatives
- Deteriorating emotional relationships (friends, family)
- Deterioration of the social network
- Deterioration of the support network
- Incitement to hatred by others
- Try to bring about acting out
Pollution products and services
- Destroying or stealing property
- Damaging projects or finished products (gardening, artwork, etc.).
- Exchange bad products instead the good ones
- Cause a disservice (merchants, professionals, etc.).
- Wasting their time and energy
- Cause all sorts of problems to resolve
- Provoque waste or dammage food
Pollution Work Life
- Prevent or interfere with studying life
- Steal or damage the traces of professional experience (CV, Portfolios, etc.)
- To make lose contracts and customers  by victims
- Destroy working relationships
- Cause fatal errors in work
- Destroy or steal business records
- Damage working equipment
- Destroy the fruits of labor
Pollution of the life of leisure travel, holiday
- Sabotage of activities
Sabotage of transport
Sabotage of travelling process
Sabotage of vacations
Pollution of Financial life
- Causing overspending
- Overconsumption due to theft or breakage
- Consumer incentive or addiction
- Impose unwanted subscriptions to pay
Pollution data
- Spam
- Functional sabotages
- Deterioration of equipment (computers, printers, scanners)
- Damaged or stolen documents
- Retardants
- Overconsumption due to theft of equipment
- Printing large quantities of paper
- Having to deal with virus or dysfunctions in the computer or Internet
- Blockages causing wasted energy and time
Environmental Pollution
- Dissemination of refrigerants: C3% A8ne
- Gamma ray scattering (armed with microwaves)
- X-ray scattering (scanning)
- Laser beam scattering
- Diffusion and dispersion of microwaves
- Diffusion and dispersion of EMF (electromagnetic fields)
-Diffusion and dispersion fields of high voltage
- A lot of waste of everything 

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