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Street gangs and targeted individuals

Street gangs 
For Quebec, we tend to believe that the gang is a phenomenon that began in Montreal in the 80s. But in my experience, this phenomenon existed long before that. Not only gangs of bikers invading the parks of Montreal in the 70s, there was criminalized small bands of youths also. They were doing the same kind of activities than today’s gangs. This youth also roamed the small streets and commercial streets. Perhaps, they had not the name "Street Gang" at that time but for sure the gang did exist in those years, too.

Besides, I could see the presence of gang members in several different areas by meeting them since my youth. My family and I moved very often. When I was a kid, some people even avoided coming home in Montreal North, because of their presence. And since my teens until today, I was harassed by several street gangs in different places where I lived. This surely comes from the fact that I was the victim of Gang Stalking my whole life and it allowed me to be more in touch with the world of gangs. Anyway, I know that gangs are not a fact so recent.

What is different today is that the picture is much more colorful culturally and that youth who are recruited are becoming younger. They are much more organized as you might think even if they sometimes act in some spontaneous. Moreover, it seems that young people who are in these gangs do not run only "contracts" for organized crime, they commit heinous crimes who seem all to made very free. Sometimes it is much more a sort of initiation. Nevertheless, it is not always so free that it seems.

Members of street gangs are part of a highly coercive. Most of them perform all sorts of crimes under duress. Of course the Gang Stalking managers can let them free to enforce contracts (orders). But this youth are much more exposed than any other member of organized crime. So it's much easier to assign the hole responsibility of the crimes they commit.

But in fact, be aware that members of extremist groups who tend to get control on everything and doing self justice can infiltrate organized crime and use their power to use young people to complete their drawings of predation.

Most of these youth gangs were recruted by powerful manipulative tactics when they were not even old enough to truly decide for their own lives. So I think to understand what drives them to act, it is important to be well educated to the tactics used to manipulate them and listen to the songs they make to talk about what they experience in their respective communities. They sing, for example, they do to others what they would not like that it could be done to them.

The manipulation of the mind does not touch only the victims of electronic harassment. In fact, it wreaks havoc on a much larger scale. Street gangs and other organized criminals are only the tip of the iceberg of a crime against humanity. These youg people, however, are the most exposed face of this heinous crime. In this case, we talk about using Nazi tactics, like using a part of  prisoners (gangs) against others prisoners (the community). But those I call the "young prisoners" are part of the world of crime, then they are the ones who commit most crimes and misdeeds. So, they are those ones who pay the price when the time comes instead of the real perpetrators of this holocaust. So, in such a system, even the bikers may have been infiltrated and mystified by these terrorists. Guess the rest ...

Guys and girls
The formation of groups may include as many girls as boys. But to do an activity of sexual harassment against a female target, for example, the guys undertake this task. The girls, mostly, are just the properties but in most cases they represent only merchandise for these gangs. They have no power by themselves. However, they may believe the allegations of Gang Stalking criminals and may even participate.

However, some girls may have more power. Maybe because they are part of the youth wing of the bikers. Those ones, more senior in the hierarchy of organized crime, are also less exposed than youth. But their children may also be part of street gangs. Girls may also participate in activities of cyberbullying or electronic harassment as the guys.

Individuals targeted neighborhood 
Usually, members of street gangs may harass the targeted individuals residing in the same neighborhood then them. When several gangs lives the same neighborhood, there may be one of them holds the contract. So these members of the gang running the most of harm and vandalism. Then they can intimidate and harass individuals targeted. But they can use their networks or make alliances with other gangs to amplify or widespread harassment. Their partners can perform certain tasks to be carried out within their territory.

Names of gangs and Business 
In Montreal, except that they are known under different names such as blue or red, Crips, etc.. Gangs often use the number of bus routes as names of gangs. They can also add the name of the street where the bus goes. And, if their activities are not primarily on that street, they can use the name of another street than this bus line. For example, in Rosemont, one can find a gang named with the number 197 as indicative sector. It represents one of the bus route that passes through this area. But they can use another street name than Rosemont Street, which the bus passes on. They will rather choose the name of a street near to them.

Sectors of visibility 
Most often we see them move in the lanes on either side of the street on which they identify. So if a person is targeted in a certain area, it is in these streets around we see them more often. But it is not necessary for them to be confined to only one territory. They can once again use their networks for access to other territories depending on the type of Gang Stalking activities targeted.

For example, it may also happen that some members of these gangs do the exhibitionism to intimidate or harass women sexually focused. Because the targeted person is constantly monitored, they know where it is supposed to pass by. So they will be held at strategic locations where stand the "real" exhibitionists, in the hidden corners of subway entrances, the corner of streets in the evening or at least passing places in the parks where the target is more likely to pass.

And, since these are the gangs in the same neighborhood as the targeted persons, which usually assume the contract of harassment against them, their children may be harassed and bullied at school by their gang’s members or even their allies.

Usually, all organized crime, including street gangs, is aware that a person is targeted. So it may happen that gang members from other neighborhoods are put to work when the targets are moving out of a certain territory. For example, if the targeted person lives in Montreal and moved to Laval, this will probably be a gang of Laval who may commit harm against him or harass. They may also assume that part of the monitoring or surveillance.

They can also use their networks in Canada and the Americas, and not only for targeted people who travel. This may become particularly interesting for them to use these networks when individuals attending targeted people from other nationalities. Thus, their links have the opportunity to infiltrate the friend’s targeted individuals networks to commit unlawful acts. They can hide cameras in their home when they visit them or steal some documents. False friends are common in the Gang Stalking.

High-lighting targeted individuals 
First, they use, like other citizens, all signals used in Gang Stalking for illegal surveillance 24/24, 7/7jours.

However, gang members can gather in front of the home of a targeted person. This may become their meeting point they give themselves in order to give instructions before dispersing. Thus, at the same time they benefit from it to signify the presence of the target at this location. And before leaving, they can perform certain rituals and making hand signs. The symbols and signals are very important to them.

They can also make graffiti on the house of the targeted person as a sign to designate it. Moreover, they often perform in the streets where they spend to give certain instructions.

Mischief and vandalism
We must say, this is no coincidence that gangs roam the area of residence of a targeted individual. These are the gangs that carry the most harm. If vandalism is discovered, the locals citizens knows that this is probably made by street gangs. But, as we do not take the fact and because this type of harassment leaves only very few traces, can rarely bring charges against anyone.

However, many people are aware that car or bicycle tires slashed by knife could have been done by members of street gangs who have pass by there. It's the same thing when the new wheel of a bicycle get twisted round or the bicycles attached at the same location each year are stolen.

And then, if an egg is launched in the window of someone, spit on his wall or leave dog droppings on his land after a bunch of youg peuple just go to this place, this may mean that person is targeted. So it's not a free act. This is the kind of harm perpetrated against individuals targeted. This is to let know to that person it is regarded as undesirable.

However, nobody call the police for that. Moreover, police do not move for this kind of thing neither. And the gangs knows that. So, who will complain for an egg in its window? If there is apparent damage, it should rather go to complain to the police station in the neighborhood. But, it's very bureaucratic. And, if you have disability, you are disabled or are in any way forced to move every time for one of these harms perpetrated against you, it becomes very complicated.

In fact, most of the time, even if people know the facts of street gangs, they are afraid of retaliation. So it becomes the law of silence reigns.

And, because the community is also contributing up to the Gang Stalking, members of street gangs are mixed up with them to conduct illegal surveillance and even perpetrate their misdeeds. In this way, the targeted person may feel becoming paranoid. But, this thinking is widely promoted in this system. Perps want to bring the targeted person to believe she’s becoming crazy. But above all they want whether it's others who believe in mental illness for the targeted person. This is in order to discredit and isolate the targeted individuals and destroy them. The primary goal is to hide what they inflicted to them, and thus they become without any support.

Electronic harassment 
Because we know that some members of street gangs may also be part of the upper levels of organized crime and that they can have access to psychotronic weapons, what about these weapons in their hands? How do they use it? What are they doing to our children aside from intimidation as weapons hidden leave very little trace? What are they doing to our girls who often find themselves trapped in these gangs after a honeymoon turns into gall? If they can burn or sterilize people with microwave weapons and hurt the flesh inside the skin at distance with laser gun, what are they able to make to them?

When we see the skin of seniors with bruises hollow, and know that laser weapons cause similar effects at a distance, what should we think? If they can go after the seniors patients in nursing homes and hospitals, what do they could do to people who stay at home?

It is a technology that allows evil to work (torture) remotely. And for most of those who use it just play video games. They sit at their computers, controller in hand playing on TortureWare avatars that move and cry. Their game is to torture them and make them cry, especially hurting them.

But, who’s pulling the strings of those players who are really just puppets? Extremists who believe they are doing «real justice» by infiltrating everywhere to have access to anything that serves their destructive designs? And, these psychopaths, what do they make believe to the world to handle it? How do they bring them to harass the vulnerable or those who are weakened by their efforts to destroy their human characters?

Too many young people fall into these gangs unbeknownst to their parents. Then, they are used to destroy anything that represents life, good and beauty. And they are, unfortunately, recruited younger and younger. But they are the future! We must give them a chance to really get one, and... STOP THAT HOLOCAUST!
France Quenneville, december 31th, 2010.

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