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Effects of psychotronic weapons harassment

Surveillance and data collection: 
* Reading and recording of words, thoughts or mental images; 
* Vivid dreams controlled recorded and filmed.

Psychotronic attacks: 

* Sleep Deprivation or provocation; 
* Induction of various sensations or bodily reactions; 
* Impaling with gamma rays or laser; 
* Décharnage tissue under the skin or organs; 
* Burns in the microwave or laser; 
* Burns scanner 
* Induction of pain and infections with EMC field of high voltage, gas refrigerants; 
* Electronic amplification of stimuli by electric motors;

Control of the mind and body:

* White forced memory; 
* Enforced erroneous actions; 
* Induction and control of dreams;
* Induction of visions forced wakefulness;
* Changes in auditory perception (direction of sound, volume, content, etc.). 
* Control of gestures, movements and rhythms of the body; 
* Elbows while performing forced delicate or messy work causing injury or damage; 
* Demonstration 
of neuro-motor control; 
* Induction of severe itching preferably located in areas difficult to access during construction work 
difficult or messy; 
* Forced manipulation and precise hands, sometimes in sync with the visions forced wakefulness; 
* Forced manipulation and control of what enters or leaves the body including the flow of words,
gas, etc.; 
* Transmission of voice messages or sounds directly into the brain 

The first successful experiments in voice transmissions directly to the human brain from a living person who talks were conducted in 1974 by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp Research Institute of the Army Walter Reed. By converting the voice message into a hypnotic whispering or using methods Smirnov Scramble, the latter were used during the Gulf War. They can mesmerize the targeted person without noticing it while being hidden leaving no obvious trace.

Short terms Symptoms : hot flashes sudden pain throughout the body, trembling and shaking, unable to sleep, endormitoires, severe distortion of facial features, burning, electric shock sensations.

Other symptoms (short term): 

* Headache 
* Tinnitus
* Severe pain in the ears
* Flushing
* White Memorial
* Palpitations, tachycardia
* Joint pain
* Chronic fatigue
* Electric shock
* Sleeplessness at exactly the same time each day to the nearest second for weeks and months. * Itching
at sites with difficult access that can start with small electric shocks;
 * Severe pain or generalized feelings of receipts hot needles in the flesh;
 * Feelings of deep burns with or without menthol sensations;
 * Feeling of being the target of savage attacks darts or when falling asleep or lorsqu'immobile,
sometimes followed by periods of so-called "dead time";
 * Special attention to genital itching, orgasm, intense pain, hot needles;
 * Incomprehensible gestures or inappropriate involuntary consciously executed;
 * Auditory perception of engine noise (microwave);
 * Vivid bizarre dreams during sleep or wakefulness; 
* Mirage (or mental images in the field of view); 
* Sensitivity of the eyelids; 
* Toes turned upside down one at a time almost 90 degrees; 
* Changes in auditory perception (direction of sound, volume, content, etc.);
* Jaw movements and gnashing of teeth forced; 
* Tremor forced large muscles of the back or elsewhere; 
* Unaccountable body vibration;
* Ringing in the ears artificial; 
* Diarrhea, gas, burping, hocquet, etc.;
* Words involuntarily expressed;
* Sudden onset of violent itching inside eyelids; 
* Only noises heard by the targeted person (bell, alarm clock, not, music, etc.;
* Numbness or burning on top of the head; 
* Voice heard; 
* Oppression; 
* Corps or throbbing head; 
* Feeling that the bed moves; 
* Strange sensation of presence of mind.

Effects from Remotely Applied Directed Energy and Neurological Weapons 
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