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Gang Stalking tactics

Many sorts of tactics are used against targeted individuals to destroy them and destroy their lives. These tactics are often the same that were used in Germany by the Nazis. But technology has changed and the techniques were refined over time. Elements of folk psychology have been included since this information is popularized among the general public. But, needless to say they are not experts in psychology, far from it. Gang Stalking criminals manipulate these concepts interpreted very broadly by the use they make of it. This information is only used to hurt innocent people.

Bullying or intimidation

To my mind bullying is the first and the best known of harassment tactics. Yet, we are just beginning to talk about it in the media. In addition, there is much reference to what young people experience at school rather than an experienced adult. Yet these young people who bully others at school age continue their little game in their adult life.

Often the words harassment and intimidation are used interchangeably so that bullying can be an isolated act while harassment is experienced with continuity over time. Several tactics of harassment can be used for the sole purpose of intimidating. In the context of Gang Stalking, bullying is far more than what one might think. It represents an important tactic linked to a major and very perverse goal of complete destruction of a HUMAN BEING. This is very insidious. These tactics are hidden under the guise of seemingly harmless actions. The false seems true and the real seems to be the fake. And the person is denied in its reality. It is perceived as an object: a single target to destroy.

Wrong numbers
Daily calls wrong numbers are disturbing. It can be automated calls or people who claim to have the wrong number. Citizens spies use this tactic to ensure that you are there. But also, it is disturbing for you and harass you psychologically. They always want to know where you are, regardless of the time.

Turn off morale
We all know negative people, when you get in touch with them, completely drain our energy or will pass their negativity. These are vampires of the psychic energy. Imagine that you meet dozens daily. How would you feel? That's what a lot of victims of Gang Stalking experiment daily. These bad people are not good to you. On the contrary, they even want to hurt you even though they are unknown. Even if you're armed psychologically, mentally and spiritually to face such situations in normal life, being constantly reinforced on a daily basis can succeed in your defenses weaken over time. You become sensitive to this drain of energy and therefore are more susceptible. When your energy is drained this way, you end up down your guard and these predators take advantage ofthis to enter more deeply into our lives. Thus, they will cause more harm and add other forms of destruction such as electronic harassment.

Personal information disclosed in public
These are discussions or telephone conversation hold about you or your personal situation by complete strangers in public. They repeat, in front of everybody, things that you say in your privacy. They leave and escape intentionally set very personal details during a conversation. This has the effect of creating discomfort or discord between you and your family and friends. This raises the gossip and rumors.
Gang Stalking criminals from going to try to lure you into dangerous situations, difficult or compromising the sole purpose to trick you. In this way, they can lead you to make you arrested, interned in psychiatric institutions or endorse the false accusations of sexual predators, drug possession, possession of illegal pornographic material, etc. These situations are placed in order to provoke reactions from you. They may also use such traps to force you to become as a citizen-spy.

Slander and defamation
The false rumors and slander are common in Gang Stalking. Filing false police reports or records riddled with false evidence on your behalf, too. Your name could end up on blacklists or can be add on records of violent or potentially violent individuals. It makes you look like outcasts of society: the mentally ill, habitual criminal, sexual predator, thief, prostitute, roaming, pedophile, nymphomaniac, exhibitionist, etc.. At this point you can read the story of Jane's Clift and mine.
Some links:\

If you have a website, a credibility negative report on this site may have been placed on a blacklist. Obviously, this is wrong! This tactic can be used to attack good sites that operate legally. It can also claim to serve the good of the community. It would be interesting to note those belonging to targeted individuals and those who do not belong to them.

Negative record
File a false negative could be formed on your back in order to discredit you. It would be shown to your relationships, merchants with whom you do business, friends you hang out and your neighborhood. This is not a coincidence. This file is used to justify the charges against you and to induce future defamation. Such a record can be used to bring the cooperation of everyone around to watch you. This folder may contain pictures of you and information on crimes that are trying to accuse you and where you would be under investigation. The information contained is usually very convincing and helps ensure that your environment is harassing you.

Targeted individuals have been observed and their profile established long before they realize they are targeted. Their profile will include all the information or disinformation collected and these may be used against them by putting them in situations trap to their detriment. To collect this information, they use tactics like:
- track the target;
- track down the people around him;
- break into her home, rummaging in his business;
- listen to his telephone conversations;
- seep into his computer and steal documents;
- gather information from friends or family;
- out the places where they like to shop or eat;
- identify weaknesses;
- identify what she likes and what she hates;
- determine how to bring him to do what you want;
- determine what kind of spam to send;
- identify how to intimidate, bully him;
- identify how him can be controlled.

Gas Lighting
They do everything to provoke your anger and you appear crazy or insane:
- by doing small things that end up annoying you crazy.
- by going into your home to move your furniture.
- digging through your business or relocating.
- by changing or replacing your clothes or other things by similar but lower quality. 
- by removing small items and replacing them later but sometimes spoiled or poisoned.
- by sending smoke or odor in the house.
- by touching on the sly without permission your food and waste it.

Sensations of heat, vibrations
You can feel the effects of sensations of heat. They are used to simulate, for example, a false sense of shame. And sometimes you do experience vibrations. These are usually used to wake you up or break your sleep. These criminals use gamma ray armed with microwaves to produce these effects. A sensor that support them can be installed under your floor. They put a lot of time to hide their facilities so that nothing is visible to the naked eye. They induce in person several false sensations to fool his perceptions. This is part of electronic harassment and mind control. You can visit these links for more information about this subject. 

Illegal entry
These Gang Stalking criminals give themselves the right to enter your home when you're not, without breaking. Because they manage to get the keys (master key or other) to get inside. Moreover, it is a breeze for them to disable your alarm system. They are illegal for these entries:
- learn more about you, know intimate details of your private life and later use against you. For example, they could use people in your photo albums;
- spy illegally;
- commit harm subtle infuriate you; - set up illegal surveillance gadgets (microphones, cameras, etc.).
- infiltrate your computer to know what you do with this tool as well as sites that you visit or install spying devices;
- introduce bugs in your home or phone;
- listen to your conversations, your messages on your answering machine;
- it may also help to establish a profiling of who you are in order to later use this information to attack you psychologically.

Highlighting Targets
"The secret police of East Germany used such practices to highlight their targets. They spray their clothing with a product that glowed in the dark or that could be detected by using x-ray. The targets are easier to spot and follow. It's hard to imagine that these practices could be used today, but it is a possibility that should not be dismissed without first having given serious consideration. "

Also, Perps like to highlight targeted individuals. On social networks, they may mention theirs names in all their comments. Similarly, when they speak in public, they say their name loudly enough for everyone to hear.

Processions of cars with big hi beams surrounded on the individuals targeted vehicle’s all along its path.  

Encirclement or mobbing
Surround the target on foot or by vehicle, block his path and even crush it into a corner so it can not escape.

Intrusion into the intimate life
This is where the spies come out civilians from the street to get inside the lives of their target. They will try to make friends with you. They will even try to form an intimate relationship with you. They will be held near to the people you are dating. They have tried to come into your life and perhaps even succeeded for several years before you'd understand that you are targeted. And if they fail to come into your life but you have a best friend, his or her life partner may be one of those spies civilians. The same thing can happen with your children and those who get into their lives.

For this type of harassment become success, its necessary to isolate targets of their friends, their family, their colleagues and possibly their relatives. To do this several tactics are used. Eg defamation, lies, false records, tampering, or anything that puts it in a position where they will have no support. It is important to succeed.

When someone get in a close relationship with a target, whether a bond of friendship, family or other relatives; these criminals will do everything to ruin this relationship. If this relationship is a romantic one, they will organize themselves to find what the other person likes to eventually turn wrong or let you down. If it is a friendship, for example, lies have been told on the target so that they stand against each other. It's the same thing with family. The sole purpose is to isolate you, ultimately, you are unable to get any support. This will happen before you even realize that something is wrong in your life.

Slander, libel
In your back, they tell lies. The goal of these lies is to say that you did something illegal, you're dangerous and need to be monitored for any reason. For example, they can say you're a drug dealer, a prostiute, a terrorist, a mad or insane person, a racist, an extremist, a pedophile, etc.. Some people have reported being found on blacklists of people potentially dangerous.

Conditioning and awareness
This exercise is to weaken the targets to force them to be in touch with the same stimuli constantly, day after day. Over the years, they became accustomed to seeing the same "pattern", the same colors or everyday actions. For example: the color red, tapes, pencils, notebooks, hearing the sound of keys, whistles, a strong cough, etc.

By being constantly in touch with these items at the same time of the physical or moral violence the targets undergoes, they will eventually associate with it. Subsequently, the mere fact of being in the presence of these elements will make them feel the same symptoms as if violence was still present while this is not the case. Thus, they have been sensitized. They will have understoud their message.
But caution is needed here. People associated with the elements of awareness are NOT ALL spies civilians. It is always possible that they could be, but it is entirely possible that they are not. So they should no way generalizing although it is difficult. This is important to continue to distinguish what is normal and not. 

The "Sensors" or sensory signals
Perps can use generators to make noise or detect sensations of targets around their apartment to let others know where they are. This is intended to inform them that their movements are monitored. These devices can operate autonomously through a system of automatic pilot. For example, when you're in the bathroom and yougo in an other room, the "sensor" can stop or make a different sound, for example, water flowing.

Handling mail and e-mails
Civilian spies can steal or destroy your mail. They can delay delivery or even ensure it does not happen. They handle the same way your emails. Them may be either deleted or moved. They can also block those that you send or receive.

Mimicking, suzies
In terms of behavior, they try to model and simulate the activities of your day by day life in the most natural way possible. Thus, they are still in your environment. This is to be able to better connect with other informants and communicate your comings and goings. Their activities are nothing special and their role is not difficult to play, either. They are indeed, complitely normal. At least that's what it seems. In fact, it is the intention behind these activities is malicious. For example, they can sip coffee while reading a good book on the same little restaurant where you just take your coffee. They stand so close to you. It is much easier to track you and let you know what’s going on. Examples of daily activities they can copy:
- leave the house at the same time as you;
- to dress like you; - to take out trash at the same time as you;
- to go to the bathroom at the same time as you;
- to make their own shopping at the same time you do yours;
- to do what you do at the same time as you.
This is part of psychological warfare. Thus, you always feel under observation.

Disturbance by noise
Disturbing noises include slamming doors above or below you, be it the garage, garbage containers, automotive, or any other. Playing very loud sound system but not enough time to call the police, talking and laughing very hard after 23 o'clock at night, run the water at the same time as you, run an engine all day loudly or all night lower, enter and exit noisily, whining at times specific cough forcefully, etc.

At times, neighbors spyware can spread the word to make noise campaigns. For example, they can all get their mowers at the same time set at a particular time when it is your rest time or the time of your favorite show. They can make noise on the side wall of the room where you are, etc.. They can also do the same little noise repeatly, like dropping little things on your ceiling when you try to get some rest.

Fortuitous encounters
You may be approached by strangers on the street who engage conversation with you by talking about everything and nothing. They do it like if you knew each other. For example, they may ask you how you are doing. They may also ask for your phone number claiming they have lost it. These meetings occur on the street when you pass by a place that you had not planned to spend. They will seem natural and take the opportunity. They have not other aim than get information about you or get you to do something they have planned to make you do. It's a trap!

Sleep deprivation
Depriving someone of sleep is a good way to maintain a constant state of stress on him. It is also a good way to keep less alert. In this situation, nobody can give them 100%. Moreover, it is much more likely to have excessive reactions in public, or even having a car accident. Usually, sleep deprivation is achieved through technology microwave that vibrates the bed and the person at the same time. This is happening at specific times, often the same. That’s electronic harassment.

Sudden severe fatigue
Extremely low frequency of the microwave technology cause sudden extreme fatigue to which it is impossible to resist. It aims is to sabotage the activities you planned or stop you in order to torture you more easily.

Strange encounters and street theater

People encountered can behave strange or unusual as if they were playing a theater. They are put in scenes that may have the appearance of slight rudeness or ridicule. They are for you in Goal to provoke you. And usually, someone will take place nearby to observe your reactions. If you react badly, they minimize the situation for later use against you.

Redirected Calls
When you make a call, note the name of the person you speak with as well as its identification number. When illegal investigation’s happens, your calls can be redirected. This means that when you dial a number, they claim to be the clerk or the reparator of the service you are trying to reach. For example, when you call your cable company, telephone or other, be certain that these are the ones who respond well to you. They proceed by conference call in which the appropriate option from your phone company. This requires that your call is answered for this to work.

They do not hesitate to go to your home and steal small items, usually those without much value. But it may be some exceptions to the rule. For exemple, they can steal some of your Christmas gifts. These bullies will try to take everything that they can use against you or may hurt you.

Thus, they can rummage through your belongings, steal important documents or objects of sentimental value, stealing pictures of you to make false records or tricky evidence, do some imitations, etc. They can scan through a scanner any document that could be used against you or causing some problems as bills, bank statements, pict, credit cards, your bus pass, your health insurance card, etc.. They also have a tendency to eliminate all evidence that talk well about you or talk about what you actually did in life as your CV, your qualifications, your creations, etc. They can steal or destroy the prayers or any other religious objects you usely use. And, to expand their staging, you can borrow or steal clothing. This, if is not simply to deprive you of your property it cause your anger.

Car accidents
Gang Stalking’s criminals have some ways of driving that are very dangerous and that can cause distraction and especially accidents. They can try to get you out of the road. They can cut you of by the right side of the road. They can go just in front of your car and try to slow you down and block you of if you try to go away.

When friends visits you, they cause all kinds of disturbances or various impediments. They can cause some trouble at last minute of your project so your stress at the highest level of the time. It is also a habit for them to sabotage your work or projects by causing all sorts of problems or malfunctions of your work tools (computer, printer, etc.).. But also, they can make that significant commitments are broken at the last minute. So can not succed or have really too much trouble.

You end up with broken car, broken equipment regularly used inside or outside your home. For example, they can break a door handle, poke holes in your new sweaters, poison your most beautiful plants, breaking things you are most useful but not necessarily more expensive, for exemple your watch, etc.

Denial of services and wasted products
Here you must be very vigilant and carefully check all purchases of products and services. For example, during a repair as the shoemaker, the cleaner, or any other, additional damage can be caused by more than the initial repair to be done.

When buying your groceries or during delivery, items can be replaced by outdated or spoiled products. In addition, your bill may contain many errors. Usually, prices are increased or many items are charged more than once. Merchants can also sell you defective items or let errors occur voluntarily. Pay attention to the cashier or during packing. It is a special time when it can happen many bad things without your knowledge. They can replace some objects you have already choose by another one but not the same quality or broken.

Professionals that you may contact can participate as a citizen-spy in the Gang Stalking setting. They can give you less than the service you deserve or a disservice with not much evidence.
At the restaurant, you can get a part of your meal that is not good. This is never done with much evidence. But they may have spit in your dish or put an expired ingredient slipped without it seems. Sometimes food can be crushed or have the appearance of waste. That can happen at the hospital or old people residence too.

All traders or professionals you're dealing with could persist for not sharing the proceeds, not compensate you for loss or repair their mistake. They also tend to completely deny their mistake or disservice referring back to your various shortcomings.

Violence against pets
During your absence, they can poison or drugs your pet. They can make them sick to the point that they may die. This will hurt you and cause you so much pain and it will be desired by perps. That is very bad.


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  1. I am a Targeted Individual and have been for the past eight years, go to my You Tube channel and watch my videos, click on the links below my videos to read my story. I have had to move repeatedly, the place where I live now they installed a Directed Energy Weapon in my apt, I need help, this is a smoking gun of what crimes they are perpetrating against people. I need someone to take a look at this thing who knows this stuff, it's proof if I can get some help. They get to everyone I contact. Please help me if you can.

    Kevin Canada

    631 419-6132

  2. They will even taser your pet use brute force on an animal to kill it, run it over with car and make it look like accident, or simply kidnap and make pet disappear!

  3. Yes, all of this happened to me too.
    Keep going guys! I do my best to let the people know what is happening to us and a lot of people all over the world.

    Sympathy and compassion to all of you.


  4. Open your eyes to reality!

    Gang Stalking, Organized Stalking and Mind Control are real... and Electronic harassment and torture are real and painful too.

    Le «Mind Control» une partie de tout un crime.pdf
    Cointelpro Documents

  5. Aloha from Hawaii. You described quite a bit of what I have been put through for many years. Gnagstalking is evil, oppressive and so many lies are told about the target. I too have a website decsribing some of this. Mahalo for your website and stay strong :-)