mercredi 12 janvier 2011

What a Gang Show!

While viewers watch what they believe to be the real show, and you, the actors, are meddle with them. That, without them knowing. You look, you too, the same show... But more importantly, you watch the one that viewers have to offer.

You're there in the middle of all these people, and wait for their reactions to your staging. You know they do not know that you are both actors and directors. And they think they're the real fans of a real show, so basically, is that you become the true fans of all pretense.

But what are you doing, while others are watching the false show? You watch them. Yes, but not that much. Instead you go about your normal activities. You take care of their children. To make a babysitting? No, definitely not. You are inclined to watch them. You study them, day after day. You scrutinize to determine which will be next. You watch them either to recruit or to make them work. But to do what? To become involved as actors, these others too. They will be so actors that they will become first puppets and second, actors and after that, stagers. However, they will always remain, just as you do, just puppets. But that, you know it very well.

And while their parents take it easy while pouring out their hatred, their envy and jealousy on their scapegoats or they give free rein to their most perverse fantasies, their children are the prey of vultures plagued by slavery. Still attached by their cords, they obey to those who hold the reins.

But them, these parents, they see that fire, fireworks. They are completely fascinated, mystified. Even they are sitting at their side, children are silent and pretend to love these fake artifices... But what can they say? They have become children puppets living in the false and deceitful with fear of becoming broken puppets, relegated to oblivion along with their entire family.

But you, the players, you became that in spite of yourself. And you perpetuate the agreement behind the scenes without even knowing who is really behind this circus, and why you should do this stuff. You do it, that's all. You try to enjoy it while keeping the pace and impose it on others, these new ones.

You were told all sorts of things that give you reasons to give you also reasons to do what you do. But deep inside of you, you're not any more able to think because this has really no meaning at all. So, you do it, that's all. Then, morons and robots, you become.

But you know that all this is really just the cause of the circus owners. In this way, you the players, will become the next spectators who will watches what you  will end up believe to be the real show, the one who show the errors of artifices. You'll also be fascinated and mystified as the others. On your turn, you spill your hatred on others and fantasies the same way. Because, undeniably, you've forgotten what it's like to live otherwise, simply live .

Yet you all had dreams. You believed in life and in the future. You were hopeful. And yet you're still full of talent. You sweat the desire to live and achieve things. But you are darkened. All of you! Even older! You do not even see that being involved as actors in that mess will not make you saved of the "against-life". You are nothing for those few who want to control everything and get rid of "remnants" when their show will be over.

 You young people, wake up! React before being completely submerged under the large tent of the circus that falling to pieces. These large pockets despise you from the beginning. They have no consideration for you, not more than all the others who are under the steamroller, the spectators who are given to you to stuff and bake.

Take it as you want, but now, a gap is actually doing crack the system. Some players have dared to climb over the big tent to get the largest possible audience. In doing so, they had the opportunity to see much further than the circus that shelters them. In the distance, the horizon has offered them to see life from another eye. But in their recklessness they caused a fault. And this system will crack because they showed at the great agitators well seated in their living room that they can not really control everything by a simply flick of computer button.

So what will you do? You, the players... Will you seize the opportunity given to you? Nobody knows. Because already very sleepy, you are. The Hope, you've lost. You just dream life instead of living it, but without even knowing it. What a sad show!

But ,no! Thankfully, it is not the end. It's just a picture of what tends to happen if nothing is done. Those who hold you in their nets knows it. The breach did not happen by accident. Believe it! And above all,  try to see it!

Instead, this flaw causes decision-making. Yes, you have the opportunity for choice. What do you expect? Looks like these words have no more meaning for you because you said too often you did not have it.

However,  a flaw induced necessarily a transformation. And, it's time to break its shell to exit. It's full of opportunities. You need to enter them if you do not want to simply be undergo the change of others. They are at your door. What do you expect? If you do not enter, someone else will do it for you and he will impose its way of seeing things. And that change will not be either at your level. And you will resist until you will no longer capable. And the movement of the other will swallow you. So... What will you do? You know what this is happening! You see that! You are truly blessed. So, what do you expect? What are you waiting for to turn this challenge into a victory?  You've got it!

Yes, it's a process, a work in progress. Nature is like that. Look volcanoes for example, their power is masterful. Yet it took a while to get there. That's for sure! But, when the  lava spits, its is following immediately cracking of the top, which settled the breach. For it bursts, it is imperative to burst the abscess. Do not you see?

Open your eyes! This is your chance. Afterwards, it will be too late. The new arrangement will crystallize. And it will take a considerable time before a new fault will appears. So it's now or never. Someone once said: "With faith, we can move mountains." You only need to believe it. Just be deaf and impervious to any forced  direction against humanity. And, go for it!    
Go for it before the alleged justice of  "true injustice" did not lead you to commit, under duress or not, serious violations of the rights of innocent puppets and major delusions. It's just like if the cream on the cake had turned  in a way you did not want. Finally... you thought the dessert reserved for you would be much better. They did promise to you heaven and earth. Then finally, it is a sea of calamity in which you swim and you re-direct toward these innocents because his flow is too engulfing.

Meanwhile, real fans of this drama are all very happy. They applaud. The destruction is their fantasy in all its forms: that of others but also yours. And while you give them the audience to see as a show, these ones are sitting beside you and with those who guide you, but whitout you know it. They tell you anything just to stimulate you to play your worst theater. Do not let them doing it. React!

Like many people you are willing to play all these games from the shadows. Then they become insistent and incessant. And you end up preferring dump your lack of love on these poor puppets weakened by isolated life from the  backyard of the big tent.

However, these puppets are also somewhat your own. So for them, for you and for everyone else, so give yourself the best! Thus life can raise his taste, because it has losted its flavor. And, If you like what you do and be proud of it, everyone will love what you did. And, enjoy the real show, the real life!

Cppyright : France Quenneville,  november 8th, 2010.
Traduction: Francequenneville, january 11th, 2011.

Assassin-esclave 2000
Troisième guerre mondiale

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