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Radiation exposure: Signs and symptoms

Exposure to microwaves weapon:
External signs effects
- Nailbeds red: may be a sign of internal burns.
- Temporary redness: lasting a few minutes to 24 hours depending on the time and intensity of exposure. It look like sunburn and may mean the transition radius.
- Marbled skin: the appearance of uneven skin color from red to white. This is a sign of a 2nd degree burn inside the body cause by exposure.
- Red eyes and broken veins: could be a sign of microwave burns.
- Hot flushes: experienced on a body surface during from few seconds to 2 hours. This could means the passage of diffuse and large microwave radius (about 15 cm in diameter). The perps may use that to make the targeted individuals feel guilty with TortureWare software.
- Scars without apparent reason: it look like healed scratches. They may appear slightly darker than the pigmentation of the skin and have an often elongated, rounded or straight. It can be traces left by the passage of a ray. However, scratches can appear in conventional way.
- Goosebumps permanent and localized
- Petechiae that is to say small hemorrhagic spots appearing under the skin.
- Early old skin: may appear as magnification of cells, wrinkled skin or goosebumps.
- Small buttons: localized and appear overnight, even in people who never get buttons. These can be a sign of intoxication of the body through the microwaves.
- Some body hair appear:  with time, body hair may occur in areas exposed. This occurs even in the areas where it does not usually grow, such as the eyelids.
- Telangiectasia: small dilated vessels appear on the skin. This sign is a typical effect of radiation exposure.
- skin inflammation (dermatitis)
- Loss of hair abundant (if the head was repeatedly expose to radiation)
- Pain or burning the scalp
- Psoriasis
- Hair dull and rough
Internal signs

- Deep pain of burn, localized or diffuse : increased with the intensity of EMF (electromagnetic fields) or other harmful waves.
- Hot flushes
- Feeling of inside liquid bubbling : could be microwave broadcast inside the body.
- Needles hot (feeling): little shiny squares pushed  by microwaves  or laser propagation.
- Body radioactivity
- Inflammation
- Nausea or vomiting.
- Anxiety.
- Lesion of the nervous system with possible occurrence of cerebral edema.
- Diarrhea accompanied with blood sometimes.
- Disruption of the functioning of the digestive system.
- Cataract (see 3D video on cataract).
- Disruption of the immune system.
- Headache
- Fatigue / Malaise.
- Some loss of white blood cells
- High pressure and heart beat disturbed
- Blood systeme weakness
- Increase of pre-existing desease
- Delayed wound healing
- Temporary Paralysis: large microwave radius surrounding the body in part or in full during the time of exposure.
- Back of the old pain: the microwave open all  old injury or new ones, infect and burn them. It could make them worst than before.
- Cancer: Long-term consequences can cause one or more simultaneous cancers.
- Difficulty breathing: the exposure on areas of lungs or trachea can narrow the airways.
- Tinnitus
- Various aches
- Difficulty eating solid foods:  when the inside of the digestive system has been burned there may be a narrowing of the esophagus or another channel according to the exposed areas. It can occur as inflammation and restrict the diameter of the esophagus, blood vessels, etc.

Syndrome of the microwave
Common diseases resulting from the syndrome of microwaves:
L'interaction des CEM (champs électromagnétiques) des HyperFréquences (micro-ondes) avec le métabolisme bioélectromagnétique humain génère le syndrome dit des micro-ondes ou syndrome des HyperFréquences...
Source: Monnet, Claude, Le Ruz, Peter, "The microwave syndrome".

Laser weapon exposure:
Traces of small internal laser (Mosquito):
- Sudden burning feelings on very small area (prick of laser attack).
- Nerves pain
- Broken veins without apparent reason (look like varicose veins).
- Burning pain localized: increased proportionally to the intensity of EMF (electromagnetic fields) and other harmful waves. The pain is more intense at the time of its appear.
- Some flesh dug under the skin very painful: It's may take an elongated shape, in rows, placed diagonally in two or more parallel juxtaposed lines. Some others are near or within the natural folds of the body ( neck, waist, knees, elbows, ankles, groin, etc.). And other again, circumventing the joints, veins and bones. To dug the flesh,  they bypass the veins which puts them more prominently. But there can be seen everywhere under the skin or elsewhere. Usually, it is the muscles and organs that are targeted. These marks may take either the form of letters of the alphabet as first letter of the name of the torturer. For emaciated, they bypass the veins which puts them more prominently. Nerves can be traumatized. They may have been skinned or unsheathed voluntarily along part way to create pain. Lesions may become blue-black with time.
The large laser beam (internal or external):
- Burning sensation
- Redness (if burns are outside)
- Inflammation
- Nailbeds red: sign of internal burns.
- Skin burns as sunburn, specially inside the body
- Deep burning pain inside the body, localized or diffuse: intensity of pain is increased with EMF (electromagnetic fields) and other harmful exposure.
Radiation effets:
Maximum pain:
Other texts: 

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