dimanche 6 mars 2011

Because I am a woman...

Maybe you saw or heard things about me already. Know that everything you've seen or heard degrading about me is completely false . I am a victim of a very serious libel. And, to shut me up, the authors of this case have done everything to discredit me, prevent me from obtaining evidence that could incriminate them. They do not want that I get help. And to top it all, during people believe that slander and these false pretenses, my bullies mistreat me and torture me.

Some of them are very violent. They apply to me as much harm as possible. They know that this whole story is false. The fakes were made by some of them. But this does not seem to influence the violence they will bring. For them, I am a woman and they do not like women. For this reason, they do me wrong. They do not like intelligent or beautiful women. This seems to make them crazy. They became very aggressive towards me.

Genitalia are given special attention, rectum and head too. But their "trip" is especially to hurt as much as possible by imposing punishments atrocious. Some would absolutely hear me scream, knowing full well that I never shouts. I can not. But, tears flowing from my eyes when I am assailed by the pain.

In fact, it's my utter destruction that it was wanted, mainly because I am an intelligent woman without any man in my life. They knew however that I am a mother of two grown children. But this does not seem to count. Instead, they benefited from the fact that I was in a weak position to destroy me more. They could more easily reach me after the major operation that I lived, which had knocked me down.

Torturers are working as a team, they work together or not. And they also use all kinds of instruments of torture that leave little or no traces on the outside of the body. However, they cause maximum pain and damage. Injuries in turn, are extremely painful and may be seen within the body but doesn't show virtually nothing outside.

In regard to torturers, they are very little exposed just like  their weapons. These latter are not visible among those targeted but rather heavily felt by them. However, we may well see their weapons if we have access to places where they are located and are manipulated. The weapons known as "psychotronic weapons" may be directed or guided to their targets by advanced technologies for performing remote operations.

Gang Stalking is the complete destruction of the individual's targeted by the constant surveillance, psychologic harassment, sexual harassment, electronic harassment and torture. Single women and vulnerable people are particularly targeted. For more information about this topic please visit these few sites:




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