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Sea salt: counter-mesure for health

Sea salt is inexpensive and easy to find in pharmacies. It very beneficial against some of the adverse effects related to electronic harassment and certain skin diseases. It can help reduce pain and some skin conditions, aid in breathing, preserve tissue elasticity as well as promote relaxation, detoxify the body and revitalize it.

Relieve pain and some skin conditions: A sea salt bath is often indicated in cases of psoriasis or eczema. It can be used to relieve rheumatic pains, cramps or spasms, sciatica, hemorrhoids, joint pain, lumbago and backache. The elements of the salt pass through the skin. They  have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. These characteristics may help relieve pain from injuries and burns internal of electromagnetic weapons.

To promote relaxation:
The Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment cause much stress. A bath with sea salt is perfect for relaxing in case of nervousness and fatigue.

Beneficial in cases of respiratory diseases:

«On peut tout à fait simuler une fraîche brise marine avec de l'eau distillée, qui contient 0,9 % de sel. Des inhalateurs spécifiques produisent des gouttelettes qui pénètrent profondément dans les voies respiratoires. L'humidification a une action nettoyante particulièrement bienfaisantes pour les personnes allergiques ou asthmatiques. Les douches nasales sont recommandées en cas de rhume tenace ou d’infection des sinus. Tenir le récipient en verre ou en plastique sous une des narines et faire ressortir la solution saline à température corporelle par l'autre narine.»

Salt preserves tissue elasticity:
« Notre corps contient jusqu'à 75 % d'eau salée et le sel est indispensable à la santé. Il régule l'équilibre des fluides corporels et le métabolisme, préserve l'élasticité des tissus et contribue au bon fonctionnement des muscles et des nerfs. » Source:     

Detoxify the body and re-mineralize: When you take a bath with sea salt it activate blood circulation. This allows the body to eliminate toxins more easily. In addition, it re-mineralized the body because this salt who is entering the body is very rich in magnesium and potassium. However, it is low in sodium chloride.

Dissolve about 250 grams or one cup of sea salt in water as hot as possible. Then add cold water before entering the bath so that the temperature is pleasant.


Sea salt baths should be avoided during severe cardiovascular disorders or of specific conditions, in this case  it is necessary to seek medical advice. Tthis sea salt bath should be used only after consulting the doctor during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Side effects: No side effects were noted.


Baths with sea salt and seaweed

Seaweed can be blended with sea salt and seaweed for  detoxifying and remineralizing. Here is what this site tell:

«Dix fois plus riches en oligo-éléments que les plantes terrestres, les algues marines exercent, en synergie avec le sel de mer, une action régénérante sur les organismes fatigués par une mauvaise élimination.»

Helpful hints:
A friction massage glove dry to rid skin of dead skin before bathing; not exceed 10 minutes early and then be limited to 20 minutes; water temperature: 34-35 ° at the beginning and then gradually go up, not to exceed 40°C; important, after the bath does not wipe, just pat to let in algae; after the bath, take a rest period at least equal to that of the bath.

Contraindication major seaweed bath for people allergic to iodine, people with hyperthyroidism or hypertension.

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