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Electronic Harassment counter-mesures

1. Thwart surveillance inside the house:

    * Detect blind spots
    * Travel on foot or by non-motorized or electric vehicle
    * Let it run over a similar device
    * Avoid making yourself electrical signals
    * Think about something else when organizers of the important things
    * Use dowsing to find what they seek 
   * Pendulum
    * Water bowl
Surveillance cameras and microphones
Today, there is no privacy. Our electronic devices (cell phones, television, radio, sound systems, alarm system, etc..) Mostly contain microphones and / or cameras. These can all be used against us without our knowledge. And it is not enough to close them, they must completely disconnect. However, we need to use them too. In this case, can be found hiding in the blind spot cameras. We can detect these with a pendulum. Regarding the cameras, usually when it is placed below, there is a blind spot here. If you own an alarm system, blind spots are below the cameras, motion detectors and smoke alarms in the company. Regarding the microphone on your TV, you may confuse those who do wiretaps, by leaving more of a run at the same time that, in the same position but in different rooms. In this way, intruders can be confused if we change room.

In addition, here are some interesting links relating to electronic surveillance:  
Boat radar, sensor, target sensors, etc..
All cell phones and some motor vehicles have GPS. So we can track easily with this device. The best way to avoid detection is to avoid carry any device (cell or other) transmitter of electrical signals. Traveling on foot is a good solution. If this fails, perhaps a micro-stimulator is implanted inside our body (pacemaker, implants, micro-chip, etc.).. In this case, we must try to find blind spots, that is to say, finding places impossible to detect. Then you can hide. The pendulum can be of great help to help find the best places. But, once hidden, should be avoided in order not to move the sensor finds us. However, when we catch, it is almost impossible to remove it because we stuck with it as a sense. Moreover, once the cache flushed out, we must find another.

Sensor and micro-stimulators (implants, pacemakers, and chips.)
Unfortunately, we can not prevent the internal micro-stimulator emits electrical signals. However, it can blur the waves emitted by them. To avoid being detected by the sensor or radar located in the inter-floor can be placed in a bowl of water below us.

WARNING: if there are high voltages in the environment where it is located, there are a lot of radioactivity or we feel electric shocks in the body, it is best to avoid having water nearby . There is a danger of electrocution.

The radar scanner
For this radar, hiding in the blind spot is also a solution. But we must avoid attracting attention by moving around. On hiding, remember, before leaving the house, storing all that could allow hackers to discover.

Also, be aware that this type of radar can see the person's body through her clothes and that they appear rather transparent. The color of the flesh, for its part, does not appear. Its color is white opaque. And if the garment is attached to the body of a high density, it can pass for a part of our body. So we could have a shielding or anti-CEM Microwave-bonded to the skin without it being detected with this radar. The advantage of this camouflage shield is to prevent the perpetrators to change their way of proceeding in the psychotronic attacks. If they know that we have protection, they could decide to increase the intensity of their attack or introduce a means of spreading radiation inside the body in addition to external attacks.

"The Imposter"
Software torture may include a feature that allows the person using it to display on the screen what the eyes of the targeted person can see and hear the sound emitted by their computer what his ears hear. It acts mostly as a scout. He looks at where we put our things and then reveal our hiding places to those who will steal or destroy them at home. Anything that can be seen trying to hide and / or heard. This voyeur inoportun is more difficult to avoid. Must be taken into account but in years to illness. To avoid this, however, can occasionally turn a blind eye to perform certain maneuvers while knowing it will likely be heard. However, this software allows us to see mental images of the brain, whether awake or visualiées in dreams. This means that even if you close your eyes, if you visualize where you want to hide an object, there may be seen by the impostor. In this case, it is necessary to think of something else while you realize this maneuver. For example, one can think and see our favorite food while hiding our valuables.

Also, be aware that this type of radar can see the person's body through her clothes and that they appear rather transparent. The color of the flesh, for its part, does not appear. Its color is white opaque. And if the garment is attached to the body of a high density, it can pass for a part of our body. So we could have a shielding or anti-CEM Microwave-bonded to the skin without it being detected with this radar. The advantage of this camouflage shield is to prevent the perpetrators to change their way of proceeding in the psychotronic attacks. If they know that we have protection, they could decide to increase the intensity of their attack or introduce a means of spreading radiation inside the body in addition to external attacks.

2. Remove or have removed the implants, microchips, sensors, etc..
    * Medical operation
    * Visualization
If you feel a sort of radiation or vibration within the body, it might be due to an implant. These are often located behind the backs of victims. It must first be detected by feeling whether the issuance of an electrical signal or a vibration. But we can always use dowsing to show us where it is located.
Then we can have it removed by a doctor surgically. However, the targets have often difficult to be listened to by the medical profession, it must unfortunately learn to live with this implant while waiting to have it removed. It is important to be aware of his presence as much as possible to avoid radar.
Regarding the "sensor" operates by way of radiation, it can be removed by imagining a rope on which to draw. If located in the lower body, we can put in a squatting position, as do his business in the Indian view that a cord out through the hole and pull on it that it is invisible . But this position is quite difficult to take for some people.
3. Detect the electric rays, EMF, the "sensors", etc..
    * Devices for measuring electrical waves
    * Dowsing
    * Burning incense
   * Leak Detector Microwave
    * EMC detector
    * Clock
    * Incense
It may be useful to detect weapons and psychotronic devices complementary to know the source of gunfire, the diameter of the rays, their scope, power, safe places, blind spots, etc.. Several types of electronic sensors are available commercially in stores measuring equipment. You can find EMF detection devices that are very interesting. But they are quite expensive. However, the results obtained from any electronic device can be distorted by excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation. They can even make them unusable.

Some very affordable models, much less precise, however, may be useful for detecting the presence of EMF in the environment. But the amount of scattered waves by psychotronic weapons is far too great to allow them to measure with these devices. To perform the same kind of test devices for detecting microwave leakage may also be interesting.

My first choice goes to the dowsing * however, as to detect the waves that accurately measure the amplitude and frequency of waves of a psychotronic attack. Indeed, the pendulum is much less expensive and more reliable. It's small, lightweight and easily in a pocket behind. It is therefore more convenient. Nevertheless, it is best to take wood as the material is less sensitive to electromagnetic interference. And in terms of price / quality ratio is the best tool.

* Dowsing is an exceptional step-cons detection. Use a pendulum to detect anything that looks very interesting. If it does not, you can get one in the esoteric shops where you can make it. A medal or a ring suspended by a chain or rope may very well be the case. Pendulum wood is preferable but not essential, to avoid electromagnetic interference. But before using it, it is important to establish its own convention. For example, one can decide that when it rotates in the direction of clockwise, it will mean "yes" and to "turn right". Conversely, it will mean "no" and "turn left". And when it moves in a straight line from front to rear, this position will research, etc.. We establish the convention to determine the significance of the responses.
Detect and deflect refrigerants
The refrigerant gases may be used to accentuate the body's pains. So you can burn incense to detect its presence and its origin. They remain bottom, so put a stick of incense in a pot plant deposited on the ground. The smoke should get straight up. If not, its presence could push the smoke in the opposite direction of its source. Often leaks of this gases come from from your refrigerator. This can occur even when it is new. The repair would be the best solution. But we have to consider that the service is not always safe in a Gang Salking's context. So,  don't take any chance, even if it's repair, try to eliminate the gases by ventilate the piece to the maximum. You can use a fan directed toward you to push them further and open the door or a window. This should reduce the pain.

4. Countering attacks psychotronic

   * Off the shelves
    * See the color purple
    * Waving mirrors to repel the enemy
    * Make an aluminum shielding 
   * Pocket mirrors (singles and doubles)
    * Mirrors larger
    * Aluminum foil
    * Visualization techniques

Small rays (laser or gamma)
When pain spontaneously appear in one or more areas of the body, there may be a victim of an intrusion of these rays. These pains are localized, but may also radiate diffusely. These rays are linear and have a point of entry and exit. To counter the attack, we must imagine a kind of stick through the body by penetrating the sore spots.

Knowing this, we can counter these rays with small pocket mirrors. Depending on whether this is the point of entry or exit of the beam, the mirror must be positioned front or back. One need only put the good side and in the right corner near the spot where the pain is felt. When properly placed, the pain disappears instantly because the beam is broken. A feeling of relaxation or freshness can even accompany the cutoff radius. We may also use double mirrors to cut the beams planted in some ways more difficult to achieve.

The only way to know how to place the mirror is trying to place it in every sense but rather quickly. Do not let more than a few seconds at the same place as the shooters could collect and break down their shelves. This will affect its effectiveness and may even neutralize it. But such changes remain invisible to the naked eye. So it is better to face the mirrors against the ground when not used.

If one knows where the torturer, one can shake the mirror in his direction. In this way, it will temporarily stop issuing him because these rays are reflected. He may leave it out altogether his attack for some time.

Regarding the small laser beam precise in its function of impaling, small mirrors can also be used. However, these rays are much more difficult to cut because their journey is not only linear and therefore does not always follow the same direction.
Visualization is also a very useful technique for cutting the spokes. The purple color is very popular to purify the body of toxins. Thus, the fact visualize a violet ray passing through or completely surrounding the painful area may be enough to cut a radius invasive. An effect of relief can then be felt.

The timing of such an attack occurs is usually when the targeted person is immobilized for a certain period of time. We must therefore make little mirrors around oneself and cons earth in these times.
Large Gamma armed microwave internal and external  
Like other rays, we can counter the biggest ray mirrors with a little bigger. When focused on an area of the body, it can last more than two hours. And it may even temporarily paralyze the member or members affected. To cut this radius, we can use a larger mirror. This usually has a radius of about 10 inches diameter. For protection when the radius is from outside the body, the foil is a good protection. However, it takes several layers thick. In addition, it must be very tight because the microwaves can pass through. Several victims put it around his head to protect it. However, this type of protection prevents the skin to breathe and causes heat. So it's very uncomfortable. But that still protects to some extent.

Aluminium blankets: 

WARNING Please note, there is a risk of burns. Since aluminum is heat conductor, it can burn skin.
Syndrome of the microwave:

The big laser
It is difficult to counter the big laser. But it is still possible with mirrors like a little bigger for the large radius of microwaves.

5. Eliminate, reduce or deflect the harmful waves  
    * Unplug appliances
    * Disable WiFi
    * Dowsing 
    * tools of dowsing (pendulum, arrangers, etc.).    

 EMF detector, microwave, etc..  
The waves emitted by household appliances (TV, radio, sound systems, etc.)
It is best to unplug them completely when not in use. However, when used, must try to minimize their radiation and the emission of harmful waves. Because the latter could be amplified in our environment. In this case, the best solution is to ask a dowser specialized health of the habitat of clean energy to our home. If we do not know, it must first detect the source of the harmful waves and then neutralize them, divert or at least reduce them. To do this, it is possible to detect the clock, check what are the most appropriate harmonizers, then ask how much it takes and where to place them. Regarding the TV, computer monitor, scanner, etc.. can place a black comb underneath the teeth pointing backward. In this way the influence of our aircraft will follow the direction of the teeth and not ours.

 A non-disabled WiFi radiate continuously, whether the computer is turned on / connected or not.
WIFI waves are microwaves (microwave) pulse in extreme low frequency (ELF). They are of the "mobile" that the harm was demonstrated in particular by the scientific report Bioinitiative.

How to disable it at home: wifi_a227.html
- Type into the address bar (top) of an Internet browser
- If necessary, identify
- Find the wireless option to check or uncheck as the case may then validate.
The scanner
A scanner is like a photocopier. A neon light containing X-ray passes slowly beneath the object. The scanner emits X-rays. So we must be protected of its radiation. My thing is to try to protect myself with a total sunscreen with hydratation and E vitamine because the body could be exposed to microwaves at the same time. This sunscreen will perhaps reduce the effects of radiation, but not decrease the burning sensation.
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EMF counter-mesures:

Sea salt: counter-mesure for health

Sea salt is inexpensive and easy to find in pharmacies. It very beneficial against some of the adverse effects related to electronic harassment and certain skin diseases. It can help reduce pain and some skin conditions, aid in breathing, preserve tissue elasticity as well as promote relaxation, detoxify the body and revitalize it.

Relieve pain and some skin conditions: A sea salt bath is often indicated in cases of psoriasis or eczema. It can be used to relieve rheumatic pains, cramps or spasms, sciatica, hemorrhoids, joint pain, lumbago and backache. The elements of the salt pass through the skin. They  have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. These characteristics may help relieve pain from injuries and burns internal of electromagnetic weapons.

To promote relaxation:
The Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment cause much stress. A bath with sea salt is perfect for relaxing in case of nervousness and fatigue.

Beneficial in cases of respiratory diseases:

«On peut tout à fait simuler une fraîche brise marine avec de l'eau distillée, qui contient 0,9 % de sel. Des inhalateurs spécifiques produisent des gouttelettes qui pénètrent profondément dans les voies respiratoires. L'humidification a une action nettoyante particulièrement bienfaisantes pour les personnes allergiques ou asthmatiques. Les douches nasales sont recommandées en cas de rhume tenace ou d’infection des sinus. Tenir le récipient en verre ou en plastique sous une des narines et faire ressortir la solution saline à température corporelle par l'autre narine.»

Salt preserves tissue elasticity:
« Notre corps contient jusqu'à 75 % d'eau salée et le sel est indispensable à la santé. Il régule l'équilibre des fluides corporels et le métabolisme, préserve l'élasticité des tissus et contribue au bon fonctionnement des muscles et des nerfs. » Source:     

Detoxify the body and re-mineralize: When you take a bath with sea salt it activate blood circulation. This allows the body to eliminate toxins more easily. In addition, it re-mineralized the body because this salt who is entering the body is very rich in magnesium and potassium. However, it is low in sodium chloride.

Dissolve about 250 grams or one cup of sea salt in water as hot as possible. Then add cold water before entering the bath so that the temperature is pleasant.


Sea salt baths should be avoided during severe cardiovascular disorders or of specific conditions, in this case  it is necessary to seek medical advice. Tthis sea salt bath should be used only after consulting the doctor during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Side effects: No side effects were noted.


Baths with sea salt and seaweed

Seaweed can be blended with sea salt and seaweed for  detoxifying and remineralizing. Here is what this site tell:

«Dix fois plus riches en oligo-éléments que les plantes terrestres, les algues marines exercent, en synergie avec le sel de mer, une action régénérante sur les organismes fatigués par une mauvaise élimination.»

Helpful hints:
A friction massage glove dry to rid skin of dead skin before bathing; not exceed 10 minutes early and then be limited to 20 minutes; water temperature: 34-35 ° at the beginning and then gradually go up, not to exceed 40°C; important, after the bath does not wipe, just pat to let in algae; after the bath, take a rest period at least equal to that of the bath.

Contraindication major seaweed bath for people allergic to iodine, people with hyperthyroidism or hypertension.

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  1. I am a victim of electromagnetic harassment in the Philippines, and I would just like to share with you a unique profile of a harassment “specialist” :
    Name: Rogelio Tayong Sy
    Nicknames: "Roger", "Gero", "Dodong"
    Gender: Male
    Age: late 50s
    Address: 401-I Basak Pardo, Cebu City, Philippines
    Civil status: Married
    Profession: Mechanical engineer
    Alma Mater: Colegio de San Jose-Recoletos, Cebu City, Philippines
    Hobbies: Air gun rifle shootfest tournaments; thermal imaging
    Type of Electromagnetic Harassment: Masterminds the firing of through-the-wall passing electromagnetic waves to his nephew who lives right next to his house, especially at night when the latter is already in bed - stationary easy target prone position
    Physical effects to EMH Victim: Head suddenly turns towards side as if "slapped" by the waves; fingers of either hands move abruptly as if electrified; seeing "rotating lights" at visual periphery; sudden exhalation or forced discharge of air from lungs; hearing of split-second sound mimicking snoring