dimanche 6 mars 2011

In CHSLD: harassed until her last breath.

Tonight she had not had dinner. They had brought her, as is often the case, a meal that was anything but appetizing. One would easily think that someone had played on his plate. It is as if she was full of scraps. The opposite would have been surprising. The life of a targeted individual is marked by a constant malice on the part of others. In the context of Gang Stalking it is also a way to signify that it is perceived as a waste of society, that we do not want it. We want to let him know she deserves no better.

Then in the evening, it was invaded by great fatigue causing an irresistible urge to sleep. But, strangely, it was just at the right time for her favorite show. Then suddenly she woke up just after it was completed. But it was too late. The show that she could have fun was over. Here, her sleep as much as her awoke had surely have been provoked. Since they are trying to poison her life, it is very probable that her show have been missed, intentionally.

Moreover, as she had not had dinner and she is diabetic, she absolutely had to eat something. Luckily, she had stored for a little something to make back up quickly her sugar blood rate. She need to be vigilent because it is difficult for her, in this context, to have her evening snack. The personal often forget to give hers. With the denial of services whom prevails, she must always fight to get the minimum necessary. Finally, this time, she got a little reprieve. This little side had fortunately been brought by one of her children and didn't had been stolen.

But she is far from being able to meet all its needs. She have limited mobility and limited income, and only meager pensions from the government. Besides, after paying its place in nursing homes, there remains not much. But those people, the perpetrators,  do not care about it. They believe, wrongly, that she hides a hoard that, in addition, should come from the fruit of an alleged bad life.

These are the reasons they give for  scorning and harass her. On the one hand, they envy her for things they imagine she owning and, secondly, they judge her as no respectable and condemn her unscrupulously solely on the basis of false rumors. In fact all this exists only in their head. With Gang Stalking, defamation and humiliation intense are part of the tactics used, precisely, to discredit the targeted individual and encourage contempt by the community for the targeted individuals and to make sure to isolate them.

Unfortunately, many people are so gullible that they participate to Gang Stalking without knowing really all of what's going on. Finally, they are mystified as they are blinded by jealousy, envy and pride.

And-all this is very tiring for a 80 years old sick wife with a sick heart. In addition, her liver also causing all sorts of trouble. It is in so bad shape that she have no choice to eliminate several times a day the ammonia constantly secreted. To do this, she must resort to laxatives, despite an irritable bowel. Otherwise, she get intoxicated, fell into a coma and could die. It's already very humiliating to be obliged to ask for help to get clean and be changed in these circumstances without having to live in more, all the misery of Gang Stalking. This causes  to her a great stress, it complicates her life and fatigue her greatly.

Still, she is an educated woman, positive and totally lucid. Yet many of them treat her as less than nothing. Even if she does not like to be treated as if she had lost her faculties or if she does not know what she speaks, she is staying polite. But sometimes, she sometimes lose patience because she is constantly humiliated by other residents or even staff. This is reflected by psychological harassment: malicious insinuations, derogatory attitudes, hurtful words, sarcasm, even encirclement or mobbing. Fortunately, there are other employees who are concentrate on their business and very friendly. However, not all are sincere. For some, the kindness is only a way to sidestep the issue. These take the opportunity to confuse the person and to elicit information that will later be used against her.

Exemple à l'hôpital (BD en angais)

Finally, I think it's going to kill her. And, all these people will have been accomplices. I do not know what they have in their head and neither the heart to do it so. The behaviors seems to be like in the Middle Ages! These are quite the opposite of consideration for others or what we call "compassion" for a sick person. We will be able to say that for most of her life she was a victim of Gang Stalking. But when death will become caused by this, how shall we call it? 

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