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Solidarity compromised

Gang Stalking tactics: interference relations, cyberbullying and computer intrusion. (screenplay)

France is part of a social network named "Placebook. She appears as an individual targeted by the Gang Stalking, Electronic harassment and torture. Many of her friends are in the same situation. They are mostly English speaking. Outside this network, she does not know those among them who are also victims. The targeted individuals are often discredited and isolated from the rest of the world so that nobody knows who they really are, that is to say, good and innocent people. The perps even tries to stop them from coming into contact with each other in forums and social networks.

One day, France was invited to attend one of these demonstrations against the violence that took place in his city. But she was in bad shape because of electronic harassment and torture she suffered. Anyway, she must live with a disability that prevents her from participating in such events. But, being still united, she wished them good luck in their events. The following exchange takes place mainly between France and Makyta and some mutual friends. In response to the invitation of "Better Life», she sent this message:

France - Good luck!

Having felt the solidarity of France, another of her friends, Barry, thank her for her support and asked to complete a few tasks that would not require her to walk down the street.

Barry - Thank you for your good wishes & luck. I really appreciate it. Please, would you... and say hello to me, I'd really appreciate that also.

But, as already handicapped and constantly under the effect of torture increasingly debilitating, she refused the invitation, unable to take part in any commitment. However, she participate in her support group by writing a few lines from time to time, spontaneously. This is also a way to distract her attention from the pain that she is struggling to bear. Nevertheless, she felt that it could be a good thing to provide an explanation for Barry's two refusals on. So she decided to send him a message to this subject.

But how could she speak well of what she live? For in her everyday life, she never can tell anything to anyone. She knew others could take her for a fool if she was talking about torture or microwave weapons because of everything the perps were led others to believe about her. But, she took time to think about the situation.

France (speaking to herself) - First, many of them are victims of this infamy as much as me... So why not?... They will surely understand.

She decided to take the risk of revealing some secrets.

Message sent by France to every one:

France - (Uncomfortable) - I'm tortured at the point that I have a lot of pain. This is at the point that I can't move at all. I only have few periods of time that I'm up. They use laser and micowaves weapons at very srtong levels on me. I'm more handicaped and sick with that.

Group message sent to France in response to his revelations:

Makyta - France, excactly the same here. On top of all, 6 1/2 years ago since they induced into me radiation including " gamma rays " I developed cancer ! 2 years ago I had cancer surgery as a result of it! Daily, I am in enormous amount of pain, bruises, and " immobilized" get seizures, flailing of limbs, burning sensation in different parts of my body, lots' in the scull/brain, the works ! This is what I suffer 24/7 ! I will keep you in my prayers, my friend. Take care ! Love and Blessing.

Barry - So sorry to hear that. What f%%$ing sadists.

Makyta - You and I know, that they are the " sickest most nacisistic SOBs' on this planet" !!! This is the New World Order ! Love & Blessings.

BetterLife - I am so sorry to hear about both of your pain, they are sick.

Deeppy - I am so lost for words when I read what others is horrible to be put through this thoughts and prayers are will you all.

Makyta - Thank you Deeppy and Barry for your heartfelt compassion, thank you so much <3 ! I live on Gods given time and the perps' are not making it any easier, but the opposite !!! So, I pray a lot. For others like myself as well myself.
 Message sent by France to each:

France - Thanks for your sympathy, every one. You can follow what I say about it on Kwikker:
Max - Sorry i couldnt make it. as i've said before the only thing that stops the v2k is having a drink, lord knows i wouldnt drink so much without the voices and gangstalking, and the other night i had way too much and am still recovering. but i did manage to do some paintings while drinking so all wasnt lost. i havent drank anything since to give my body a break and the voices have been merciless non-stop. Thank God I'm not working at a 9-5 job right now. i hope the protest went well.

Stop - Well a very disappointing turnout, not just for us T.I.'s but for the anti-violence. I don't know what it takes for people to wake up. I took a 6 hour train ride to be there. I know I am trying maybe that's all it means. I give a shit!!


Deeppy - Thanks for giving a shit Stephen..wish I could have been there. Several days have passed. 

 France returned to his account and read messages again. Then, remembering that Makyta was suffering also, she wanted be compassionate with her. She chose well between her poems those she had made ​​in the context of electronic harassment and Gang Stalking. She chose one that seemed best suited to the situation of Makyta. Then she sent it in a new message, the heart filled with good feelings.

Message sent by France to Makita:

France (compassionate) - HI! There is a poetry I wrote about pain and translated with Soogle: That is my gift for the day. Have a good day Makyta! France.

More later ...

Eager to see if Makyta had replied, she found a message that aroused in her, an unpleasant feeling.

Makyta response received by France:

Makita - France, thanks but "no thanks" ! Apparently, you don't get it, that people who are Tageted individuals are in enough " Pain " ? Please, keep your above poetry to your self ! I am in lot of pain, how about that, which I am trying very hard to keep out of my mind ! ! ! P.S. Do not ever send me a crap like this ! Save it for yourself. I doubt that others' are interested either!!!

France did not understand her reaction. It was totally inconsistent with what she felt about her before in previous messages. In this context of solidarity, what could this message mean? Then, she asked her the question.

Response sent to Makyta in private message:
France - What is this kind of solidarity?

But France was not satisfied with this interaction unpleasant was going on in private. She decided to bring it into the public, that is to say, to show others what is happening under the guise of solidarity. But was this message truly from Makyta? In the context of Gang Stalking, France allowed herself the possibility to doubt of it, so she did not mention Makyta's name. And if it was not her? So she still raises the question with everyone.

Text message sent to all by France on "Placebook.

Solidarity by France, vendredi 18 mars 2011, 16:13

France - As a gift, I sent a nice poetry to someone who told me having a lot of pain and who offered me some sympathy about mine. And, I as a response to that, I sent my poetry about pain to her,  But there is the message I received:

Makyta - " France, thanks but " no thanks"! Apparently, you don't get it, that people who are Tageted individuals are in enough " Pain " ? Please, keep your above poetry to your self ! I am in lot of pain, how about that, which I am trying very hard to keep out of my mind ! ! ! P.S. Do not ever send me a crap like this ! Save it for yourself. I doubt that others' are interested either !!!" 

What is this kind of solidarity when you receive compassion from an other one? Here is the poetry I sent:

Then, France has left it to visit her blog, elsewhere on the internet.

An hour later,  France came back to "Placebook, to see if she had received any message from Makyta.
Private message sent by Makyta to France:

Makyta - I don't care what you think, truly, don't preach to me about solidarity ! They induced " cancer into me " and you want me to like your poems about PAIN ??? !!!! Look for fans of your poem eleswhere, that's all, ok ?!

France remained pensive.

France (speaking to herself) - The tone of the message was the same as the previous one. It had nothing similar to those I had received earlier. It's probably still one of the perp's traps. They corrupt everything I do. The reel Makyta is probably not aware of this message sent on his behalf. For if it is her who sent it to me, she's hard to follow. I can understand that pain can make it bitter. But people who suffer do not usually react that way. It must be the girl who tortures me that is seeped into my computer. According to what I heard through the V2K (voice-to-skull) and by the computer problems I encounter every day, she and her partners, Gus and Pell, they make hacking to me gleefully and indecent manner. So, they already know programming.

France had decided to write this script knowing that her "Perps" would be all she wrote on their screen and they would enjoy to do some blocking operations dedicated to preventing the publication of the scene. But will she found another way to thwart them? And what will happens with her friends on "Placebook? Already the internet is useless. It is their primary means of achieving their denial of computer services.

(À suivre...)

After a while,  when France finish to write it and wanted to publish it, but the bad comments had gone from her account and she never received after any message from Makyta, the reel one. So, that means it was an intruder in her account, France's «perp».

The end.

© France Quenneville, 18 mars, 2011.
 Les risques pour la santé

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