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Tactics: assault and sexual harassment

When Gang Stalking criminals from attacking a person, they can organize themselves to sexually harass her too, 24/24h 7/7jours surveillance. Harassment can take different forms and sexual assaults. This is done without any consent by targeted individuals and all tactics described are considered sexual assaults.

There are many kinds of this and, quantitatively, many types are experienced by victims of Gang Stalking. For this reason I am making a separate section for these tactics. Special emphasis is really put on the sex of the individuals targeted. They  could be victims of sexual abuse perpetrated repeatedly by several individuals simultaneously or alternately.

Gang Stalking:


Une agression sexuelle est un geste à caractère sexuel, avec ou sans contact physique, commis par un individu sans le consentement de la personne visée ou, dans certains cas, notamment dans celui des enfants, par une manipulation affective ou par du chantage. Il s'agit d'un acte visant à assujettir une autre personne à ses propres désirs par un abus de pouvoir, par l'utilisation de la force ou de la contrainte, ou sous la menace implicite ou explicite. Une agression sexuelle porte atteinte aux droits fondamentaux, notamment à l'intégrité physique et psychologique et à la sécurité de la personne.

Cette définition s'applique quels que soient : l'âge, le sexe, la culture, la religion et l'orientation sexuelle de la personne victime ou de l'agresseur sexuel; type de geste à caractère sexuel et le lieu ou le milieu de vie dans lequel il a été fait; la nature du lien existant entre la personne victime et l'agresseur sexuel.

On parle d'agression sexuelle lorsqu'on utilise les termes légaux suivants : abus sexuel, infractions sexuelles, contacts sexuels, inceste, prostitution juvénile, pornographie juvénile, exhibitionnisme, voyeurisme et frotteurisme.


Defamation claim and sexual perversity 
In order to discredit these people and encourage people to harass them, the criminals of Gang Stalking are doing everything to destroy them, including defamation about them. They search to cause them intense humiliation. The individuals targeted are thus posed as outcasts of society and perpetrators add to them features such as degrading sexual as sex offenders: pedophiles, sexual harassers, exhibitionists, sexual predators, homosexuals, lesbians, prostitutes, nymphomaniacs, transvestites, etc.. Any designation referring to sex is used in order to harm them. Thus, some people feel offended or shocked by seeing them. Just the idea of imagining associated to the "thing", they become hostile with them. Then, many others become downright perverse. They fantasize about what they think about these people and they have fun to harass them sexually.

Defame and harass sexually
Defamation against targeted individuals comprising almost always pathological or unwanted sexual aspects.  They can experience sexual harassment by many people and relatives during their life. They could experience sexual harassment from friends, colleagues, customers, neighbors, strangers, etc.. This can occur in all areas of their life, work, leisure, travel, family, etc.. This is particularly unpleasant when someone is trying to find a serious life partner. These people mistakenly believing false sexual rumors spread about the victims can have a lot of expectations on a sexual level which makes them very pushy and harassing. Moreover, because they are convinced they are dealing with a sort of sex maniac, they may feel very frustrated at not getting what they want sexually.


Manipulation of the mind: sex-oriented
Gang Stalking perperators from thinking manufacture all sorts of traps to comply individuals targeted to sexual fantasies of perpetrators. Many perverse ideas arisen in the mind of these criminals are used to make false documents to defame and discredit them. Thus, they can imagine  and find words related to perverts sex and mentally suggest these at the victim by whispering it at any time. They may also suggest thoughts by introducing sexual images in the mind or dreams of the targetted individuals. For example, if a targeted individual is watching a movie, they may insert in his mind images of genitals organs to excite and lead him to sexual behaviors. Then they can take photos or videos of these acts to make pornographic materials that could harm the person and could even be sold to porn sites.
Voice to skull (Voices in your head):

Staged street theater of sexual nature
Because the criminals show targeted individuals  as sexual offenders to the eyes of other people, usual tactics of harassment have also their sexual versions. Thus, the staged use sexual themes corresponding to the defamation made against the targeted individuals. This is to humiliate them, trap them or provoke  them to have some reactions or sexual behaviors. Like other stagings, stalkers-actor (Perps) encircle the person (mobbing) to present their scenarios.They discuss among themselves in public on very personal topics related to sexuality. Very near to the targeted individual, this one finds himself in the middle of them. They spend all kinds of nasty comments filled with full of value judgments. They add plenty of shocking details while monitoring their reactions of the target. It is an activity of moral and sexual harassment that can be perpetrated by acquaintances. They may even accept money to lend themselves to this game.

For example, in the case below we see a woman defamed requesting information in a hospital:

Sexual assault with directed energy weapons

Genitals and rectum of those targeted are areas particularly affected by such harassment. This can occur every day, 24/24 h, 7/7 days. These weapons may also be used such for electronic maim. Orgasms may even be provoqued by these technologies. These sessions can be used to produce tricky pornographic materiel to be use as defamatory against targeted individuals later. This can be sold for pornographic web sites.

Packets of metal's squares left in sensitivities then pushed by  big microwaves and laser rays plus a mentholated effect to the site is simply...unhuman!

Electronic harassment weapon effects:

Threatening and vulgar sexual languages

All sorts of obscenities can be said to a target undergoing various tactics of Gang Stalking, Electronic harassment or torture. To do this, they use technology V2K (voice to skull) includes in  torture's software. Perpetrators can make all kind of comments suggesting sexual activity on their part while they are practicing their torture sessions. They also do not miss to share with their victims their most perverse fantasies.

They can also compare their psychotronic weapons to their own sexual organs, leaving open the idea of rape to the victim because he does not see them. And, if they are several people at the same time for a session, they may even refer to a gang rape. Their way of talking very vulgar aims is to provoke fear to the victim and make her feeling of being violated. They can even make her threats of sexual assault and mutilation the same detailed way using V2K( voice to sull).

Surveillance (bullying) and sexual harassment
When a targeted individual is walking by foot, citizen spies all along his route can pass all sorts of comments with sexual overtones, throw leering or make gestures of the hand.  That can happen even if they are on foot or on the road by car. Those who do that are usually members of criminal gangs.  But regular citizens can participate in the illegal  "surveillance" controlled by criminals of extra-judicial system which assume this task. In addition to sexual and moral harassment, this is an infringement  of privacy and dignity rights.

When a targeted individual is sexually harassed, he can meet perverts doing masturbation or expose their body parts in public in the corners where they pass. This activity could be used as a sexual tactics against them. It is not uncommon for his friends to also suffer of sexual harassment or exhibitionism along their route. Those practices are intended to intimidate and sexually harass any targeted individual.

No more privacy! Being monitored 24/24 hours, 7 / 7 days, the individuals targeted have no more privacy at all. And unfortunately, the various means of surveillance are not only used to watch them, they can be used to feed the fantasies of those who make the electronic surveillance. Not only can they put cameras in intimate places as the bathroom and can watch what happens, but they can take pictures of body parts that interest them. Usually, it is the genitals parts. But they can look at the head and face or taking pict of any body part that they decided to operate at their convenience. These tricks can then be used to harm against the person. Also, gang members can get devices that see through clothes for watching the intimate parts of the targeted individuals. They can use of sunglasses containing hidden cameras or  night vision cameras. Spy's cameras used are not so visibles, but the hunting ones are much more.
For electronic surveillance inside the house, some scanners like the ones at the airport could be used.  So, with these devices they can see through walls ... and trough clothes! 

But more daunting is the hidden camera in the brains of some individuals targeted through the technologies of mind control.  The pepetrators are using the eyes of the targets persons. An intruder can see what the targeted individual see with his own eyes. For example, when the person looks at herself in the mirror, the intruder sees what her eyes see, it means he sees the face of the target. So anything what the person see, including his intimate care, is going on the computer screen of the intruder who looks through his eyes. And, this one can take any picture or video of what happens on his screen. He can also set up any shooting to show  to someone else using his computer screen. The software used includes many functions of torture to use.

With these technologies, the perps can control the actions of the victims at distance and get them to have sexual behaviors that they would not otherwise. And if the targeted individuals does not meet the expectations of these criminals despite suggestion and mental manipulation, they can hypnotize them at distance with V2K Technology (Voice to skull) to make them perpetrate acts they have expected for him.

Production and dissemination of pornographic material
As I mentioned earlier, pictures of the person may be taken without his consent by these criminals. So they can also simulate all kinds of situations without the knowledge of the person. The targeted individual would be represented by his avatar in a compromising or degrading way. Today with Advanced technology,the perpetrators can produce a lot of false documents and these tricky ones are very easy to achieve. Then, on false pretenses, these false documents can be used as evidence to discredit the targeted individuals. The perps can also produce false pornographic material which may be presented and distributed on porn sites. And, to defame at a larger scale, they can distribute their products all over the world by spreading it on the net. It is a virtual reality used as a tactic of intense humiliation against individuals targeted.

Email porn
The targeted individuals may receive lots of spam from porn sites. It may even happen that the announcement of these sites tell them they have won something on one of these sites. This can be a trap. You can lead the individual to visit a porn site in order to find there a photo of him taken without his knowledge or took in his computer.

«Sexto» and «Texto»

In Quebec, «texto» is more and more popular among the young. The trend is also rising with "sexto", text or picture messages of a sexual nature. And they are becoming more an harm not only against youth but also adults. The organization "Tel-jeunes" is receiving more and more complaints about it at youth level. But we know that texting and sexting can be a means of intimidation. Not only young people who are victims of Gang Stalking but  also adults targeted  are particularly prey to such perverses tactics. The Perps may use those tools to spread defamation against them.

And what about the pretension of a sexual offender which are broadcast both on the net as sexto? It is clear that these productions are intended to serve Organized Gang Stalking to intimidate, make defamation and discredit the targeted individuals. Knowing than these falses documents are made about innocents people shown totally or than some parts of their body are used without their knowledge and built in avatar in very degrading positions, think about the devastation caused in their life and their family in being exposed this way.

This constitutes sexual assault who take the appearance of collective voyeurism and rape on a large scale. But what about the people who maintain or disseminate these documents? In my opinion, they should pay the price of stolen property, possession of illegal pornography, defamation and invasion of privacy and human dignity.

But because nobody cares about the individuals targeted, complain to the police for a crime defined evil, place these people in difficult and degrading positions while the defamation is underway in a very large scale and that the discredit is premium, it is not easy at all.

Ritual Abuses 
The targeted individuals, adults and female children especially, can be used without their knowledge for sexual purposes. Some satanics rituals could be related to initiations of organized crime. And, this can happen several times during targeted individual's lives. Mostly, the targeted individuals do not know they were used for that because it happens while they are still anesthetized after an operation they just suffered. They may be under the influence of a tranquilizer very strong as the date rape drug. Usually, they do not remember anything. However, as they can remain responsive even though they seem to sleep, they might do so next with recurrent nightmares remembering bits of information of the ritual without knowing why things are like taht neither don't know where it comes from. And this is not their fantasies to them. They can be real memories stored in the unconscious that would never have act in the conscious state, except, of course, if they had a bit awakened during the ritual.

During such rituals, the female victim is usually supine on a table and attached to or held by force that it remains stationary throughout the session. Her legs are open and  her arms upward. Several people stand around the table. Thus, a series of sexual abuse may be administered to the victim for about two hours. They will be executed primarily by the insider, but also by his followers, men and women. Abusers have no respect for the victim, considering it a social outcast who is not entitled to the dignity of a human being, even if they are children. They can give as an excuse to themselves that these are so-called outcasts: prostitutes, nymphomaniacs, deviant, sexual offenders. But, then it is totally false. But even if this were true, no one deserves to be treated this way. Indeed, the prostitutes who tend to be judged so harshly are mostly girls who are prisoners of gang who find themselves forced into prostitution for guys of the gang. They have a status of merchandise, most of the time. So more often than not, they rather are girls without real power, vulnerable and isolated, that are discredited to silence them. So the real perverts are they not those who use them to satisfy their own fantasies?

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