dimanche 17 avril 2011

Psychotronic rape ... "Die My tabarnac!"

April 14, 2011

Michael (directing the internal  laser beam) - Die my tabarnac !
Pierre (seeming worried) - No. Don't say that!

That's what I heard through the V2K (Voice to Skull) of my torturers when I had to get up after waking up with pain. I had a nap in the afternoon because I was tired, my nights are filled with active attacks incessants or  passive ones, automated or not.

I could hardly stand and I even almost fell unconscious due to pain. I was feeling very wrong. I could feel the ray through my body who was burning everything inside me. My scalp was burning, too. It gave me headaches intermittently. But also, my whole body was burning, in some places more than others, precisely where the radius passing through all the body.

I have therefore replied: What is must be said is not "Die! My tabarnac." but "Suffer, my tabarnac." Because the subject here, is about pain. At least for me. It's electronic harassment and torture! We (the targeted individuals) suffer long and hard before dying. That, they knew it.

This type of large laser with directed energy is manipulated by an operator. It is used with a beam of about 10 cm in diameter that is inserted into the bony pelvis, whose input is the vagina or rectum. It complements other types of attacks perpetrated simultaneously by different other types of radiation wave  extremely toxic and hazardous.

Every time they use such instruments (large laser beam or gamma armed with microwaves), the perpetrators seem to have sexual expectations. They see this big radius as if it was their penis. They hope to see secretions flow to excite them. Even the body's immunity initiated to heal wounds is caught in a sexual manner only because a liquid flows into the genitals. It cause them some kind of excitation.

However, this is simply a traumatized body whose wounds are not healed because new burns are done every day. Here, it is mainly by radiation burns done in the genital area. They open and flow with each new injury. It is simply the exudation phase of the healing process that produces this flow. There is nothing exciting or sexual for the victim. Rather, it is a very painful experience. She undergoes this kind of attack every day: 24/24 hours, 7 / 7 days. Most of the time they are more than one that are trying actively to make her have the flux (exudation). Others may perform mutilations during this time. Other electromagnetic devices more passive could have been used too. And the perpetrators take turns as do those who work by rotation.

The different phases of healing:

Often, the torturers know nothing about human physiology or biochemistry of the body. The liquid flows into the vaginal area simply because it is already burned to the extreme and because the body defends itself.

But they, seeing the liquid on their screen while playing at "TortureWare" beleive that the secretions are caused by a sexual arousal. They are certain that their victim is excited and it excites them.They also believe that they will make her come until death and even end up killing her with sex.

With these targeted innocents people, they made false sexual predator to give themselves some fodder to punish by sex. And, they end up believing in the reality of their fantasy because their victims are real. They did everything to stimulate themselves sexually and for feed their hatred by making false pretenses of sexual predators that they end up having them thank you because people believe in it. And they are very violent.

In fact, the only sex here is the torturer's one. They have fun to realize their own sexual fantasies on the targeted individuals. As sex offenders, even if this is false, they become convenient target to harass with electromagnetic devices and directed energy weapons. This is the opportunity to torture them, mainly, at their genitals.

So when I woke up, I was moving constantly because of the pain. The most intensive pain was moving from one part of my body to another. With this directed beam, I always feel an acute pain in addition to other burns  that I must endure all the time inside of me. My body is burned from inside to the outside. But, It doesn't appear outside of my body except in some places. It can be seen some bruises or redness with red dots (petechiae), some veins  bursted  on the surface (telangiectasia) and goose bumps. And, unfortunately burning continues day after day.

In fact, I think they might as well say: "Enjoy it my tabarnac!" Because, for them, it is only hate and virtual sex. However, for the victim, it is gang rape of extreme violence perpetrated with electromagnetic weapons on an ongoing basis.

P.S. Peter and Michael are names that my torturers use with me. I do not know if those are their real names.

Copyright, France Quenneville, April 17, 2011.






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