dimanche 17 avril 2011

Factory of false outcasts

There are two ways to move the masses, the first is by scaring people and the second one is by telling them about sex. It is also the best way to manipulate them. In the Gang Stalking, some perps (perpetrators) who beleive themselves as vigilantes seem to have infiltrated the organized crime to gain access to their protection, all their gear as well as the targeted individuals under their control.

These make people believe that they are doing some kind of true justice and introduce the targeted individuals as outcasts, among other, as sex offenders. Then they harass and torture them, even eliminate them from the "map". In addition, they seem to have permission from the community. This latter is prepared to harass because believing doing their civic duty as good citizens.

And, because all citizens are cautioned, all perverts get awake beleiving they find worse than they are themselves in these pretended outcast. So they project their contempt of themselves on these innocent victims to ease their conscience and feel smarter than them.

These terrorists make the outcasts of society in their factory with coating of disgusting sex because they know that people have a phobia of sexual predators. In this way, unfortunately people do not think anymore with a rational mind, just because they talk about sex. Psychopaths of this extra-judicial system are well aware to use psychosis of pedophiles to manipulate people. So they are making of pedophiles, nymphomaniacs, prostitutes, exhibitionists, voyeurs, perverts, roaming people, etc... Everything is good to manipulate people and make with them the destructors of these innocent victims that personify the products of their own fantasy.

And to prove their lies, they make false court records at those innocents, they insert their names insidiously  on the blacklists, design websites full of photos and videos rigged to convince people of relevance to ostracize them. And, when they talk to citizens, they do not forget to stand as a kind of extension of the real court system. In addition, they take a discourse that leads people to engage them in a surveillance effort known as "citizen action". This is illegal and against human rights. But they do it without the knowledge.


Moreover, as many seem real police (Maybe they are ...), they must also know that some criminals are being targeted by the Gang Stalking. And they must know too that, some of them participate in monitoring, often to try to mitigate their debts to our real judicial system. They should also know that this system already uses this method long been to monitor the real criminals who are considered potentially dangerous. So, all the ingredients are joined to make false outcasts just by using whatever is already in place, including organized crime and street gangs.

While real criminals are on these lists, most of those targeted are real innocent victims. These are usually vulnerable and defenseless people, especially lonely women. But, there are also among them, activists, journalists or professionals who could denounce the injustices they perceive. They  are destroyed like those used in programs of government initiatives.

A Corrections extra-judicial (English)

And in fact, the real perverts, the real sexual predators, it is them. They are the ones who enjoy to harass and torture innocents people by focusing on their genitals or anything that symbolizes sex. In addition, they convince themselves that those targeted do not deserve to live and that everyone wants what they do to them. So, how sadistic they cause them excruciating pain that cause damage that will remain and even worsen with time. They cause disease in these individuals and highlight their pre-existing weaknesses by the electronic harassment and torture.

And while doctors are searching for the cause of the intestines shriveled in patients who develop colon cancer, these psychopathes burn the intestines of these false pariahs with gamma rays armed with microwave.  After they become unemployable, sick, and finish by choking the health system. Yet, they were active, had a good lifetime and were healthy at the outset.

It's a factory of false sexual predators but also a demolition company, or rather of destruction of life. Everything beautiful, good, healthy and desirable for every human being is systematically denied to these people, including their basic needs. It is nothing short of a heinous crime against humanity and worst, disguised as justice. The fake looks as the truth and truth is taken for the false.



IMPORTANT: This manual, written in English by Eleanor White, present the targets described by "True Justice", all of them with a criminal record.The information contained in this manual are intended to integrate the community in this system of police extra-judiciary. However, this manual of the fields of operations of "True Justice" is used against the targeted individuals. But, the real targeted people to date have not, for the most part, a criminal record. They are innocent victims of Gang Stalking, Electronic Harassment and torture.
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