vendredi 22 avril 2011

Mosquito laser

The "Mosquito laser" is used in electronic harassment for molesting and mutilating the targeted individuals. It is a prelude to harassment of more passive type : EMF, scanner, refrigerant gases, high voltage, dissemination of microwaves and/or laser beam inside or outside of the body, etc.

First, you hear the sound of a mosquito,  than you feel pain. After that, you look at where you have pain and see the flesh hatched molested and / or furrows under the skin at different places on the body. Then, this hurts a lot. At the same time you can be cold. This may be the refrigerant gases  spreaded around you to increase pain. But pain can also be revived at the same time that your ears are ringing sharply because of the EMF (electromagnetic field) is too strong. You may also have the feeling that the microwaves are operating at a high intensity because you hear the roar of an engine in the background and feel a strong pressure and vibration in the head and body. However, this effect can also be experienced due to high voltages. The pain due to injuries done to the small laser Mosquito are also revived and increase when burned by a larger laser or microwave dissemination. If it is possible to kill mosquitoes, doing surgery on human with a remote laser, why it could not be possible to torture the individuals targeted this way? 

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Mosquito Laser | dotSUB
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