mardi 14 décembre 2010

The Gang Stalking Collective action or Hate Crime built in system?

TARGETED INDIVIDUALS - By this activity innocent people have become unwitting targets of organized crime or government initiatives. They may also simply serve as guinea pigs. They are controlled by monitoring 7 / 7 days - 24 / 24 hours, for years and sometimes for life. Most do not know why it happens to them. And often, when realizing, it's already too late. It seeks to silence them by discrediting them. In addition, they provided the following treatment: defamation, rejection, scorn, isolation, intimidation, denial of service, harassment, sexual, electronics, and torture. The aim is destruction, all aspects of their lives are affected. They are all at the same time, all the time. These victims are isolated, without support. Why? First, because this phenomenon is unknown to the public, difficult to detect and recognize. In addition, the game consists of these criminals to discredit them, they pose as outcasts. They say for example that he or they are prostitutes, pedophiles, sexual predators, dangerous criminals, mentally ill, vagrants, thieves, etc.. They are desperate to do so. Thus discredited, they were finally isolated and silenced. It's the perfect crime. But ... IT has got to stop!

WHAT IS THE "GANG STALKING"? - It is a form of terrorism and torture that is motivated by hatred, envy, jealousy or revenge. For many, it is a sport, and even entertainment. This crime, often taken as a simple game by the participants, is to persecute the targeted person and to isolate and eventually destroy it. The main weapons used are the constant surveillance, intimidation, slander, discredit and harassment in all its forms. The person is treated as an object with which we have fun. It hurts the target as possible before destroying it. This is a hate crime but silent because he does not leave obvious marks. Worse, these acts are committed under the gaze of all. Taken in isolation, these acts may seem harmless. But the amount of these misdeeds committed against a single person and the repetitive nature of these attacks have a cumulative and devastating. The situation is aggravated by time.

WHO ARE THOSE CRIMINALS? - The "Gang Stalking" can be initiated or controlled by an individual or a group of people. They can hire professional organizations to track and harass the targeted person. They have a vast network of human resources not to mention the criminal gangs who are ready to accomplish the task. It is just business for them. Their networks extend to all strata of society, even government bodies. Their contacts may have links all over the world. The targeted person can not escape by traveling or moving. This crime is heinous and evil perpetrated by large numbers of people. Personal relationships, business and even relatives are often involved, but most often without their knowledge.

CONSEQUENCES - For the victims: intense humiliation, mental and physical injuries, family breakdown, isolation, lack of privacy, inadequate services, various health problems. They live in various losses: identity, reputation, social network, self-esteem, work, income, dignity, etc.. They find themselves living extreme pain which can even lead to suicide very insidiously.For the community because a false sense of insecurity among citizens caused by the mere presence of the targeted individuals in their environment. Thus, many felt threatened or inadequately protected by the justice system, take part in the "surveillance" of those targeted or harassed. Gang Stalking is unknown, some authority figures may also be involved. But criminals also. These take the opportunity to reduce their sentences this way. Citizens participating in believer do a good deed. Instead they become complicit in this crime, often because they had presented these individuals as potentially dangerous under the false accusations, false evidence in support (false records, photos or videos faked, misinformation, blacklisting corrupt etc..) Caution! You can be targeted too even if you participate. Maybe you are already targeted and you do not know.

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