lundi 20 décembre 2010

Who are Targeted Individuals?

Targeted Individuals are people who have been targeted by Government, military, and state run programs such as, but not limited to: Cointelpro, MK Ultra, Mind Control, Gang Stalking, Electronic Harassment, etc.

Many of these individuals have been targets for years, suffering in silence. Others have been on the run for years. Citizens abused and betrayed by the relationship that they have with their state and country. A relationship that should never be abused.

In the past people such as Martin Luther King Jr, Judy Bari. were targeted by Cointelpro with horrendous results. Others were targeted by government mind control projects such as MK Ultra. Journalists are targeted by something they refer to as the Buzzsaw. Others are innocent individuals being targeted by local programs, placed on lists or have warning markers and flags placed against their names on their files. This is then leading to human rights abuses, community mobbing, and illegal torture via electronic means. Targets with these warning markers often get no support when they report abusive or intrusive stalking and monitoring by the community, and other illegal activities.

Years later targets are just starting to make small headway with lawsuits. Recently the Canadian Government paid out millions of dollars to survivors of a Mind Control experiment that ran in the 50's in Montreal. The experiment was conducted by the US government on Canadian soil, with the Canadian Governments full consent.

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  1. I truly believe governments backed into a corner will admitte to conspiracies. The few ,million it cost the Canadian government for weapons testing, is just the price of doing business.

    The Canadian government was partners with the Americans, they obviously continued there studies.These programs are being induced today,and covered up by a process known ask neighborhood networking.