samedi 23 avril 2011

Criminals of the Gang Stalking

Mafia: secret coterie serving "private interests" by more or less illegal manners. It can receive the order and assume the leadership of the Gang Stalking. It can use its networks in organized crime for subcontract the job, including its connections with other mafias around the world, bikers, street gangs and other groups. It may also participate in illegal surveillance or Organized Gang stalking. Some members of extremist groups can infiltrate this group.

Biker gangs: organized crime gangs, with motorcycle or not. They can use their links with other members of organized crime to perform certain tasks. They may also supervise the Organized Gang Stalking. They can participate very actively. They can outsource some parts of their work to the wing youth, street gangs and even other groups ready to do the job. They may also pay people to perform certain misdeeds and encourage others to participate in the harassment or even encourage them to hatred of those targeted. They can take in charge the electronic harassment, computer hacking  and torture, even if they can subcontract with members of other groups. Some members of extremist groups can also be infiltrated into these groups.

Youth wings of bikers: They are some young members of outlaw motorcycle gangs, street gang members or not. They may even be their own children. They must have contracts directly from the bikers. They can participate in everything that bikers are doing without, however, assume the supervision of Organized Gang Stalking. Some members of extremist groups may also be infiltrated into these groups.

Organized street gangs or not, especially young people. These can get sub-contracted jobs for bikers, the Mafia or other criminal groups. They usually act with many members at the same time. For example, they may assume some Gang Stalking and bullying. But they can be used also to perform certain misdeeds against the target only as an individual member of a street gang. Some members of extremist groups can infiltrate these groups. About Gang Stalking, the vigilantes extremists who apply their own justice on targeted individuals can be particularly coercive with these youth.

Other groups: extremists, fanatics, religious, "True Justice", "Skin Heads", etc... These can get contracts from bikers or Mafia to perform the Gang Stalking. They can participate and assume any parts of the Gang Stalking in addition to the work of the other groups. They are completly independant workers except if they act as a real mole in a certain group. Members of these different groups can infiltrate across any other groups also. Thus, they apply their own version of the Justice to the targeted individuals.

Community: All citizens who participate in Gang Stalking against targeted individuals. They can do the Stalking,  bullying, participate to the humiliation or anything else. But, everything is usually based on lies. They usually act on a voluntary basis except for the few ones that can accept money to perform some misdeeds. Those accept to do it because they beleive in the slanders, have some prejudices against these people and take the opportunity to perform hate acts against them. The others are driven  without their knowledge to commit these illegal acts in the realm of harassment and invasion of privacy by participating to unlawful surveillance. The latter  is presented to them  as being a "citizen action", strongly recommanded by some representatives of a parallel criminal-court system. The community include all citizens without exception, without regard to their belonging to specific groups.

By France Quenneville, April 23, 2011.

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  1. "Mafias" are created and controlled from States/governments, through their police and secret police.
    No organized criminality can exist outside State/government will and control.
    Not casually, the Canadian police classifies gang-stalking as "organized criminality". In fact, they even refuse to accept report just one says: "I'd like to report something about a gang-stalking." They know gang-stalking is "organized criminality", and it is State/government "organized criminality". It is theirs.

    There are no mysteries and no obscure forces. Just governments-parliaments covered from the State Secret.

    There are cards-regulations [so government and parliament "outputs"] allowing Secret Police officers to commit insanities and crimes without being accountable. The State Secret is the cover of their unaccountability.

    Secret Police officers always act through interfaces. They try to directly appear less than possible.

    Secret Police officer are chaps, with special powers [cards-regulations], by whatever military and police or para-police [dis]service. They can give orders to the judiciary. They can obstruct or promote whatever investigation.

    The State/government uses them. Your/our dossiers are on the desks of Presidents, Queens and Prime Ministers. There are their signatures authorizing such operations.

    No mysteries,
    no obscure forces,
    just insane-criminal bureaucrats, with Parliaments providing total cover.

    Roberto Scaruffi

    This is not mine.
    It is from a Canadian, I suppose