mardi 4 janvier 2011

Indigo ribbon children

I myself, unknowingly, was a child of the indigo ribbon because I was born in Gang Stalking while my parents were targeted. Even before I was born criminals of Gang Stalking wanted me to die and especially that I suffer a lot before dying. I was a child of love, the fruit of love that parents want so much. But I survived. I was born despite all the attempts of these evil beings to abort my coming into this world. Precisely for this reason that I have been put into this system of destruction of human beings. My parents were targeted and those bad people would do everything to destroy me.

And as many people targeted since the beginning of their life, I developed an extreme sensitivity. I feel all things and feel it very strong. Things and people are revealed to me because I perceive their airwaves from afar. Despite this, it makes me suffer more than these people had ever even imagined it. They regret, but they do it anyway.

However, I was hurt, abused and assaulted in every way possible throughout my life. And that was part of collateral damage. But I've never really complained of anything. Instead, I learned to live this way. I do not know any other way to live. Yes, I suffered in silence as all the children of indigo ribbon and I still suffer today with a clear tape over my mouth. A silence that carries within it all other sufferings: those that are past, those who are still there and even those of others I can feel. This is the price sensitivity.

But I always try to solve puzzles that are put to me and I find solutions for the most part. And I spend... Despite my failures and limitations, I chear up and continue my journey. I try to turn challenges into victories. And I am convinced that many small miracles have marked my life. So I continue to believe in it. I still managed to pass one way or another.

I acknowledge that I must now teach children of indigo ribbon current, these very sensitive children, all victims of this destructive system, how to develop and maintain their spiritual and psychic gifts. That's what keeps me going. My strength is in God.

Among these children, there are those who have been recruted to youg in gangs, while they were still too young to make an informed choice. They have not really decided yet which would direct the course of their lives in water very, very hazy. They need help too, regardless of the choice they will make or after the time if they will decide to change lanes. I say that because I know that some of them still found their life mission in this environment. They work on the ground in protecting the youngest and most vulnerable of the wicked sharks or vicious vipers.

All sensitives children, without exception,  who have links directly or indirectly with the Gang Stalking, the slaves of the system, those who are targeted like I have been as a child, must learn to protect themselves from abuse or those who wish them harm, to them or their parents. They absolutely must learn to trust their intuition. And their parents should do it too. They must help them work with their right side of the brain so that each develops its small antennas.

Of course, do not be fooled by appearances. Thus, we must also distinguish the harmful waves of beneficial waves. The latter provide a sense of inner peace. This is how to recognize God's instructions, with a sense of peace. This is not the case for the former. These may seem attractive or pleasant, but their appearance is often more tricky than it looks like.

It is better to not do simply undo what is toxic and harmful, it is better and necessary to double the extent of beneficial waves. To do this, two solutions are offered, and one is seeking a little creativity. The first one is to pray. The second is to transform the harmful waves into good waves by finding the beneficial hidden advantage in them. It is called, turning challenges into victorys.

All those who have to deal with toxic relationships or to work with harmful waves must do that too. Otherwise, they will self-destruct at lightning speed. The descent into hell is much faster than ascent to heaven. And the more deep we fall down the longer it takes to cheer up. Patience and forgiveness for oneself is in order to persevere.

The main difficulty lies in the fact of choosing a goal that is too abstract. For the objective get concrete, you should work on your vision by putting it first in pictures rather than words. To do this, you must not think too much about it untill is done.  Just let the unconscious work. This task belongs to the right side of the brain technics. You can analyze them after. It is also much richer.

Then you can more easily take the main objective and vision to set intermediate goals and then find ways to get there. But never lose sight of the vision. Then, place the whole time restating the vision that intends to completion. For that,  make a schedule of accomplishments to locate what is best to do first and so on. And, it is important to left blank spaces to record the unexpected, these gifts from heaven coming to us and that advance projects without having thought to include them.

Learning to work with intuition and listen to his inner guides are the main tools for survival in troubled waters. And, young indigo ribbon is essential for the future of the planet. They have no choice to develop these gifts to find the psychic and spiritual support necessary for peace of mind.

You, parents of sensitives children, you should also learn to work with your intuition to be able to separate fact from fiction. Learn how to make regularly visualizations of protection and love. Light on your life. Then teach these techniques to your children and love them with all your heart.

Copyright, France Quenneville, 4 janvier 2011. 

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  1. a friend of mine is considered an indigo child and is involved in gangs. ive tried talking her into going to church with me but she just finds it boring and pointless. any idea as to how i can help her?

  2. The indigo ribbon children's are slaves of this system. Read this and maybe give a copy to her. You can can find many writing about Gangs in this blog in the section "Gangs" or you can find them in the "versions:ENGLIH".