vendredi 4 mars 2011

Hate crime against women!

Some terrorists infiltrated in criminal gangs  for carry out contracts of torture on women who are targeted by the Gang Stalking. Those who do not like women takes the opportunity to torture them and destroy in a perverse and sadistic manner, every feminins symbols (breasts, vulva, vagina, ovaries, etc.)  or what they can not bear to see up on her: an intelligent brain, by example. It is a heinous crime against women within the crime of Organized Stalking because attacks are mostly against some women without any men in their life to support them and vulnerable people.

The perpetrators use all Hi-Tech psychotronic weapons : gamma rays armed with microwave, electric shocks, electromagnetic fields, high voltages, scanners, X-ray, V2K (Voice to skull), lasers, etc. With wireless Technologies and radars they can detect the targeted individuals and direct their beams at distance in a manner that no one can ever see them. This is a hidden war between the sexes that occurs in front of everyone. Victims suffer terribly, in silence because their wounds are almost invisible to the outside of the body and that the public is not aware of these technologies. The torturers turn this at their advantage by making them look crazy. Be aware that a person attacked by these weapons may complain primarily of the following symptoms:

1. Bump in various body parts.
2. Burning Sensation
3. Sensations of numbness in the head
4. Aches and ringing in the ears or tinnitus
5. Listening to strange sounds or voices that nobody else can hear
6. Strange dreams or nightmares.
7. Sleep deprivation and consequences

And, to increase the extent of damage and destruction, they teach the use of their weapons of torture at members of organized crime or street gangs that,  themselves, apply their  barbarians prescriptions, often under duress.

An interesting case is that of English women who were exposed to these rays when they were demonstrating against nuclear weapons and the consequences of waste in England. In his article on 'psychotronic weapons, "Joe Vials describes some damage caused by these weapons:

1 Irregular monthly cycles
2 Abortions
3 Problems gynecological
4 Burns retina
5 Problems Hearing
6 Tumors of rapid growth

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Source. Russian National Committee on Non-lonising Radiation Protection,

For more information on technological harassment, torture, Gang Stalking, or the experience of victims, see the following sites:
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