dimanche 17 octobre 2010

A lucrative business for gangs: torturing false outcasts.

Gangs make false sex offender for having control on them torture them. It's business! And bunch of people ready to put his two cents. Why? Because they have a phobia of sexual predators. Many people are willing to pay to "clean up" the planet of this junk. But there are not that much. So they must find those who can not defend themselves and let the others beleive these are outcasts to be able  to torture them with peace of mind.

Everyone agrees in silence. They doe’s not want them and they are against them. They are  ready  to denied their dignity and humanity. They do not listen what they have to say, they serve them  waste as food. They tell about  them at the others exactly the opposite of what they are. Those one’s are denied in their right to be alive.

Worse, They want to see them suffer! For this reason, they are tortured psychologically and physically as well as destroying their lives and those they love. They are monitored 24/24 hours, 7 / 7 days. All citizens can be involved. Anti-pedophiles, sanctimonious, activists, religious extremists of all kinds do not need to know the truth to rise and form vigilante groups. They are all convinced that these are people who do not deserve to live. They took the opportunity to spill their hatred.

Basically, this  business runs by itself. The gangs knows. But it must be that people that are unable to defend themselves for being taken for fools and mad. It is important not whether educated people, professionals or people smart enough to realize what is happening. If yes, they will do all their possible to discredit them.

But, these gangs, those who torture others, do it without thinking. They have contracts from organized crime. They are doing "the most dirty job" and also the most exposed. Those are the ones who will pay the price for doing this "work". But they did not have so  much choice. They were promised heaven and earth to join the gang. They were teenagers, children who had dreams and who needed to find a home group. But it was a trap.

So they try to convince themselves that the ones who are tortured are really outcasts. They convince themself that they have the right to make them suffer. Sometimes they try to convince themselves that this is just a game, that these people are not real people or also that they do not really suffer. Instead, they say they are complaining for nothing. That's what they were told about these people, these targets. So, they become true predators, sex offenders and a lot more.

But it's not so easy for them. They can even switch off or get crazy. So they take drugs.  The organized crime provided to them a motivator that stimulates and feeds their fury against these rogue so they torture them with greater force and violence. And they torture them to death. They dare to believe that they simulate a natural death. But deep down they know they are responsible of that mess. But, they say: "They died of their disease anyway. So it does not matter. We help the world get rid of these parasites. "

But they do that to innocent people! These people really suffer from all the abuses inflicted on them in addition to whatever other subject, them believing they are doing their civic duty. All of us must realize that it is a hate crime. And that perpetrators are not only members of these gangs. The first ones risponsables are those who beleive they deserve to live and for this they need to «clean» the planet of  those ones they do not like, the ones they call parasits who takes their due. The risponsible are also all the people who benefit of the public lynching with the most hypocritical way.

France Quenneville, october 17th, 2010.

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