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GANG STALKING: Monitoring 24/24, 7 / 7

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Constant monitoring
First, constant supervision is exercised over the targeted individual everywhere, at all times. It is to be tracked in various ways: by foot, by bicycle, by car, by helicopter or by boat, any vehicle. According to the means of transport and the type of place frequented by the target, the monitoring means may differ. Electronic surveillance is also a part of the game. But, whatever the means used, monitoring is constant: 24/24 hours, 7 / 7 days. So, everywhere the targeted individual goes and how he goes to there, his presence is reported. On land, on the sea or in the air, he is monitored. Here is "Big Brother" of the twenty one century, with its army of citizen spies.

Gang Stalking: Collective action or hate crime built in system?

A tracking network 
What could be more effective than a network, is not it? I repeat for so long, whatever if it is for personal lives or professional life,  it is the same game: by using its network, everything get easier and much more efficient! More we have contacts that we can count on them, more we can quickly move towards our goals. Long ago, that I had observed the effectiveness of organized crime because of its networks. It could not be otherwise for the "Gang Stalking".

The organization of supervision
So, we already knew that groups of citizens may be asked to monitor the target. This can not always be done by the same people. So, depending on location, time of arrival, place of destination and availability of each other, the informant civilian spies take their turns of monitoring all along the path of the target.

Communication between civilian spies
Every citizen spies use language of the hands like as baseball gamers. The police also use this kind of language but in a more sophisticated way. It was also in this way that  the Stasi members communicated with each other during World War II. These same gestures are used today to communicate with other civilian spies when they are monitoring their targets. They communicate the necessary information to other informants about the location of the targeted individuals or about any move he makes by a hand gesture.

New technologies also bring outstanding technical support. The cell phone, by example, allows them to communicate instantly with each other, if they are a bit distant from each other. And a GPS can easily be used to track the vehicle of a target. Moreover, this device is provided in all new cell phones. In addition, to better move in the city, many taxi drivers have this gadget all ready installed in their car, provided by the company. This is a new wave. But, back to the actions most commonly used by civilian spies for communication with other informants in monitoring targeted individuals. Here is


Warning! The target is coming - Touching the face or nose with a hand or a handkerchief.
The target is moving or is going further - Fondling your hair, or briefly remove the hat.
The target remains in place - Leaving one hand behind his back or on stomach.


Attention, it is important to stay aware that all who does these acts are not all spies. They can be but they are not all. Other non-verbal cues can give us clues of their complicity. The latters, unlike the others signs, are performed unconsciously. They can be interpreted to the light of a synergology grid. But, there is always possibility to make mistakes.


Surveillance on foot
 If the targeted individual is by foot, she may notice a citizen informant to signal his presence and the location where she is going when she passes near to him. She may also found some informants that are by foot even if it is by car. These, are playing a kind of relay race. They also use sign language to indicate where the target is or if it simply pass by on the road. They can also mean that the target pass by there, by cell phone, to others informants who are located a little further. 

Monitoring by bicycle
Informants can ride a bicycle, skating or even drive a scooter. This does not prevent them from reporting the presence of the target or her moves.

Monitoring by car
A targeted individual may be tracked by motorists while it is by foot. A portion of these spies citizens traveling by motor vehicle around him, in addition to those who are on foot or by bicycle. All types of vehicles can play the game: cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, trailers, even commercial vehicles. They form a procession of vehicles who will encircle the targeted individual while on board a vehicle, specially on main roads. Some will rejoin him at intersections while others follow him wherever he goes, even in the smaller streets. More important is artery taken, the greater is the number of vehicles of civilian spies encountered. The headlights of the most enlightening (high beam) of their vehicles are on at all times, even when parked on streets borrowed by the target when it passes.

Organized Gang Stalking Methods And Tactics Part 1 http://youtu.be/2GslFm9QuX8

Manipulation of citizens

Monitoring in the transit
As for public transportation, whether paratransit or regular transport, the drivers and other travelers may participate to monitoring in the same way as other citizens informants. So, they will also use sign language to communicate with the other civilian spies.

Hilighting the target
In public, to ensure that everyone can identify the targeted individual, it is hilighted in one way or another. Thus, when it borrow the streets either on foot or by car, vehicles of monitoring in the environment always have headlights on. Whether vehicules be parked or in traffic. The civilian spies can use this kind of signal just to let him know that he is under surveillance. The informant may tell the name of the targeted individual very loud to let the others to know he is  around there. They can act in a special manner just to get the attention of the others on the targeted individual.

Aerial surveillance
The targeted individual may be tracked by air when it traveling on foot or by motor vehicle. A helicopter can fly over his home or monitor him from one place to another for a short period of time. The high beam of cars give to the pilot the location where to go.


Encirclement of the target
In public, civilian spies stand close to the target and are still try to block his passage, to surround or even assault him. They may even go up to pack him completly in a corner. Whether on foot, by bicycle or motor vehicle, they stick to him like a swarm of bees whatever the means of transport they have.

Seeking Freedom and Justice worldwide for those targeted with organized stalking and remote electronic assaults.
FFCHS - An Introduction: http://youtu.be/PtrYF7pGZlM

Electronic monitoring

The cell phone and the GPS
As told before, first the cell phone is use by some civilian spies to communicate with each other about the moves of their target. But the target's cell phone can also be used against itself. The microphone, the video camera and the GPS built into the device can be used to track the person by providing audio or visual content. The camera, meanwhile, can be used to see what is happening in the room or to see where the target is or what she is doing. Even if the cell phone is closed, the microphone can be used to listen to conversations. In addition, with some programs on the Internet, the cellphone can be used by the informants to locate a person. The GPS can also be used by car.

Microphones and hidden cameras

Microphones or cameras wireless or not can be hidden in your home or at your work for watching and monitoring you. Other cameras and microphones can be integrated to your brain from the inside. And users of software manipulation of the mind will be in contact with the content of your spirit as well as all the physical senses. They call it "Mind Control". This allows these technicians to be able to see right through your eyes and hear what you hear with your own ears. They can even see the mental images that you visualize in your mind. They may know if you are cold, if what you smell is good or if what you eat taste good or not.


The scanner and sensors
Multiple devices can detect the signal of the targeted individual by a remote control: GPS, cellular, boat radar, some "sensors". In addition, sensors and / or signal transmitters are often implanted in the body of the targeted individuals. They are called micro-implants or microchips. A "pacemaker" can also be used as micro-stimulator.


These devices are used at distance against the targets within their own homes. They allow perpetrators to perceive what room they are and than to track them in their own homes as well as their work. They can also be used just to signal their presence and their movement within.

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