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TORTURE : Deformation of the body with the small laser beam.

The small laser beam (the mosquito)

There are many ways of torturing the small laser. However, the rule is the same as any other weapon of destruction used, that is to say cause maximum damage and pain as possible, leaving the less obvious signs as possible. For this reason, where it is used are as hidden as possible. Injuries are caused from inside the body and in the corners less likely to be seen. Then, also in order to cause pain at the maximum areas of the body, they hurt from the top up to the bottom, but also horizontally. However, when the two arms are hurted, I mean both sides, one side is done one day and the other one in another day. They never do the whole body in only one day. Additionally, the torturers have the habit to leave a signature of their crime right next to the wounds they make. This is, mostly, the first letter of their first name.

Some of these injuries is performed with this instrument of torture like a woodburning, that is to say he is armed with a spike used to shred or disintegrate the tissue on the passage. The lesions may take a form of furrows, could represent geometric shapes, but some body parts are completely disintegrated.

The muscles have injuries that can be observed rather on their surface. Often, these are juxtaposed as several lines in diagonal with the line of the body. For example, two or three lines can be plotted side by side on the top or back of a leg or arm. The lesions are more painful if they are located at the level of pain receptors, that is to say, just under the skin or if they touch the nerves. The big muscles can be molested on a larger surface in some rows of one and two centimeters wide by ten to thirty centimeters in length depending on the location in question. But, sometimes geometric shapes, regular or not, are completely empty of flesh inside.

The organs and cavities are places that may be affected, especially on their surface. And the size of the furrows varies depending on the size of the target organ. They are juxtaposed in series on the entire side of the body affected. They are traced the inside the cavity just like inside of the vagina or inside the sinuses. When it is an organ fulfilled, the torture is done on the external surface, for exemple, only one side of the heart.

The outline of the joints: The muscles are emaciated around the joints. That can be located at the hips, knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, shoulders, fingers and toes, the spine. In this way, the joints lose strength and become painful. In doing so, the bones can rub together and crush the nerves, which is very painful.

The cushions of the body can be emaciated or disintegrated. This could be everywhere the fleshes are cushions for bones or serves as a shock absorber for them. These are the muscles of the palms of hands, fingertips and toes, those below the feet, the discs of the spine, the cartilage around the bones.
The interior of natural folds is another place popular with torturers because of the pain they cause. These are the groin, waist, ribs, around joints, facial features, under the armpits, the ankles, etc.. Thus, all the various recesses and folds are accentuated by the disintegration of the muscles that are at these locations.

Nerves are involved in torture because of the intensity of pain they cause and permanency of the injury when traumatized. The myelin sheath can be cut away on the path of the nerve or can be completly cut. Symptoms range from numbness to severe pain and acute on the nerve route. These can cause functional difficulties.

The face is, sadly, a part of the body that they also seek to destroy. They disfigures it by intensifying natural wrinkles and by adding some more. But also, some traces can be left to make them look like scars from accidents, buttons, etc.

The intestines, esophagus, trachea, etc... I call it the "plumbing" of the body. Torture is applied with the laser producing small scratches along the path of these elements, most often diagonally in order to reach a larger portion and cause more pain.

Other places or really symbolic areas for them can get a special attention. They always put the emphasis on these aspects to torture them. For example, when there is contempt of women, they try to eliminate everything that she represents and the powers she may hold. The misogyny does not need that the woman holds those powers, he just need to know he can not control these aspects on the targeted female : the clitoris, vagina, uterus, ovaries, breasts, and her brain for the intelligence she could have.

The big laser

The big laser beam can also be used in several ways.

The only shield against that I know from my experience is just to try to cut the ray with little mirrors if it is possible. But, most of the time, they make it when we are sleepy. If we do not sleep, they provoque our deep sleep to make it. Sadly, the flesh gone doesn't grow again. However, we can releive a little bit of pain.

As counter-mesure I suggest Emu oil and sea salt bath. That is all I know for now who could releive a little bit the pain related to these lesions. I hope this will help you to understand what is happening to your body and help to have less pain.

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Maximum pain: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn7077 


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