dimanche 1 mai 2011

Daily torture, May 1, 2011

May 1, 2011

This morning, around 5:30, I moved a little in the chair where I was installed to take some rest and sleep as possible. This movement has automatically triggered a very strong scattering of microwaves under me this, at a high frequency. This is the type of intensity who is programmed to force the targeted individual to get up. Then,  the internal laser have been engaged automatically in distribution of its nocives waves because I was moving like it is  when I'm in the waking state.

But because of my disability that gives me an intolerance to sustained efforts, the torture of last night prevented me from getting up. I could not. I have a side of the body who is ataxic  in addition to several other consequences of my operation. So, I had to suffer the punishment of those microwaves that enter the body by opening the skin pores and cell walls to find water and make it boil. Thus, my body and my injuries are thereby burned more and more and completly infected. This cooking process is very painful and at the freshly burned or beaten places are much more painful.

When I woke up around noon, due to fatigue caused by too much demand to my body to fight the aggression and pain, I was no more able to stand on my legs. They were completely soft. I had to use a walker to get around. I ate a bit but went back to my chair and I got to sleep. This, despite a scattering of microwaves still quite strong even if the intensity was lower than the morning. I finally get me up, just a bit after dinner time. I was awakened by the pain because the mosquito laser was hurting me in the genital area and groin. It was very painful!

Since 19h45, I was feeling the pulse of the chilling gas inside of my left leg from the bottom to the top of my body. With each heartbeat, the beam was getting more intense. It abounds in the entire leg while cooling. The freshness was reaching the height of my lower body, and the pain intensifies itself to each heartbeat, exactly where I had hurt when I have been awake this afternoon. It was in the left groin and genital area where it have been strongly felt. But as the beam start to the foot, it was where he was the strongest.  It was burning the foot more than the leg. As the beam is usually also directed upwards, there are the wounds of flesh molested on top of the foot that was more painful. When I was sitting, the beam ended his race in the knee. The latter thus was more painful in these times.

I felt this phenomenon also in the right foot. But as this was only small fibers of gamma rays which were deposited at this location instead of an implant as in the left foot, the electrical signal was much weaker and the sensation was too. However, the pain was concentrated in the heel rather than the whole foot and leg and it was more painful.

At the same time, a diffusion of internal laser which start from the vaginal area was installed inside of me. It is automatic and make a rotation. It stays about 15 minutes at the same place and go somewhere else. It is to these different places that the burns are usually felted the most because the rays pass through the body in the same place throughout this period. Some bruises appears and eventually leave, too, red marks that form round spots of 4cm in diameter or larger,  or paler and larger spots, but more or less defined. This means the transition from the automatic rotating radius.

The microwave distribution done inside  starts from the genital area to the top of the body. It is projected inside the body through cycles of about eight hours, the beginning is always stronger than the end. The latter being the time it is wiser to try to rest at least if not anything else happen at the same time to provoque a sleep deprivation. These rays produce the same effect as those on the outside but the microwaves beam is more direct and can push more deeply the small shiny squares previously placed in the most painful parts of the body.

This was apart of the devices that come from outside, beneath me. For example, a sensor serving as a radar, detects my presence and my movements to initiate a process of diffusion of radiation. On this device, today it was installed a large laser and a large gamma ray armed with microwaves scattering directed to the middle of my body toward the top of this one, as for others. These produce a beam with a diameter ranging from ten cm to over fifty cm and burning my whole body from the bottom to the top, covering my head.

The internal laser intensity has increased significantly. It is even more painful. From outside of the body also, as passive torture, the electromagnetic radiation from electric and electronic appliances were also on strongly duty and still are now. This causes my tinnitus to greater or lesser intensity. I also still hot due to the laser beam and microwaves internal that continuing to burn me.

As a counter-measure, there's not much to do except to apply the law of the lesser evil. In this case, small mirrors can not really cut the spokes. Because the rays starts again very fast if I succed to cut them. But sometimes it's works! It is therefore almost impossible to counter them.

I just wrote this text and I have much pain everywhere because all the devices I have describe before, burn me continously. I do not know what the night holds for me yet apart from pain and disability. I will not, either, be able to go vote tomorrow.

One o'clock in the morning
I just have finish to translate this message. My head and all my body are burned and painful.

© France Quenneville

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