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Fake victims and social networks

(from who is a Rat?)
My observation is that some of these support groups have been infiltrated (or created) by perpetrators posing as victims, used for discrediting, disinformation and disorganizing--the triple D. If you think that the people who oversee this worldwide program have not infiltrated these groups, or even deliberately created some as catch-nets in order to disrupt and minimize progress, you are probably mistaken.

The people who designed this system are highly intelligent and some of these support groups seem to be just another phase of the program. The East German Stasi would create political groups and foster an informant's rise to respectability. This influential informant would then impede the progress of the group and misdirect its members at events. The logic here appears to be that if these groups must exist, they would rather control them.

Some of these perpetrators seem to be very vocal and popular members of these support groups. It seems that this a damage-control mechanism put in place to corral people, manage them to some degree, and impede the groups' progress. These people may also help with misdirecting events, or generally keeping groups disorganized and ineffective, under the illusion that progress is being been made.

Guided by their handlers, multiple prominent informants may work in unison to jacket or otherwise discredit targets, who the organizers of this program believe are a hazard to its exposure. Jacketing was often used during the old Cointelpro, and involves the use of informants within an organization who portray effective targets as informants. We can only conclude that in the last twenty years they have perfected this tactic. If you are raising awareness, then discrediting attempts will be standard practice. It appears to be critical that they isolate you from group members who you may have a positive influence on.

Similar to the East German informants, they may be installed and built up to degrees of respectability by providing useful information to the group and engaging in other activities which genuinely damage this program. Although this may seem like a contradiction, this is the chess equivalent of sacrificing a bishop to take a queen. They know some targets would have eventually found the information anyway, so this trade-off is worth appearing genuine and gaining trust, which may be exploited at a later date.

It may also create fear and uncertainty within some targets, causing them to doubt their own judgment. Finally, this may further traumatize a target with feelings of hopelessness when they learn that a very well respected group member is harassing him/her. It's plain to me that these people exist to expose a portion of the truth, but to help destroy those who seek to expose all of it.

In my opinion, in order for a decent person to be harassing victims, especially when he or she has an idea what they're going through, they would have to have been blackmailed or tortured into becoming informants. If you choose to participate in one of these support groups, you may want to limit your exposure to certain people.Some of the most outspoken victims in these groups appear to be deliberately operating within boundaries designed to slow progress. And, as in most social systems, there is envy, fear & jealously.
However, although these groups have their share of perpetrators, not all of them are. So, if you're targeted you may still want to attend meetings and events as it will be a good opportunity to connect with other people.Trust your own judgment.

Mark Rich the writer of The Hidden Evil says:
I have been in contact with perpetrators posing as victims on the phone & via email or face book that have hinted that I must not be genuine. It is likely that these fake victims have probably spread lies to targeted individuals indicating that I’m not really targeted since I don’t appear to be suffering or helpless. If you are raising awareness, then discrediting attempts such as these will be standard practice. It appears to be critical that they attempt to isolate you from group members who you may have a positive influence on. Once again, organizations were heavily infiltrated during Cointelpro & jacketing was used extensively

( from Francesca Valerio Invernizzi)


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