mardi 23 août 2011

Tortured for listening to Michael Jackson

Tortured for listening to the Michael Jackson

They tortured my genitals because I listened to the music of Michael Jackson. He was surely a targeted individual who was falsely accused of pedophilia like many others this, probably by organized crime and "The through walls Justice" or if you prefer "True Justice"... 

Factory of false outcasts  

Michael Jackson torturé par la police:

Elizabeth Taylor told in a video who was he:

Elizabeth Taylor talks about Michael Jackson on Larry King:

About me, was it my Perps, torturers and perpetrators of pretense in video and pictures made against me: Marie, Michel, Gaston, Pierre, Benoît or Victor?

I was quiet in the lounge with my CD player, trying somehow to get some rest because with the sleep deprivation that they makes me live each day and the passive torture they use on me, 24/24, 7 / 7, my body sore and molested sometimes can't no more react because he became too weakened.

I was listening to:
Michael Jackson: "You are the world"

Of course, they did not liked that I went write on the web what they were doing on me and that I was continuing to listen to Michael Jaskson at kills head in my CD player.  So, they continued their torture on me by directing the microwave and laser weapon inside of my body, passing by basic holes.

I was listening to "You are not alone" with thought to put this song of him on my blog for the victims of Gang Stalking, harassment electronic torture.

You are not alone:

After, while listening to Billie Jean, they have put small needles into my breasts, the place where they had taken of some fleshes with the Mosquito laser, a few days ago. It was very painfull.

Michael Jackson: Billie Jean

They were listening to that music through my ears whom was broadcast on their software "TortureWare", so they said that I gave them a good show with my music.

But, they prevented me from publishing my sentence on Twitter, so I published a longer text on Facebook to let the world know what was going on with me. And, I add a link to this song:

Michael Jackson: "They don't care about us!"

Then, I listened to "Beat it". So, they told me that I was not at all like they told to others I was. I asked how I was supposed to be, that is to say how they thought I was in reality. But, I didn't have a clear response. They surely have had some prejudices and spread it as defamation.

Michael Jackson: Beat it

Then they put turpentine in my rectum and anus, exactly where they burned me already and had put hot needles, in my hemorrhoids. And then into my vagina ...

And it was continuing!

Michael Jackson, prodige torturé et déchu
Michael Jackson - Torture (Unreleased Music Video)

© France Quenneville, August 23th, 2011.

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