vendredi 24 février 2012

Fear of the impostor

The impostor was really afraid of the "True Justice" because he knows he has lied about France Quenneville and has done things that violate the agreements. He said he have nothing to lose but basically it is just the opposite. He has also lied to Organized Crime to which he belongs. He did it since a long time. And now, he fear that they know it also. So, to making us believe it has nothing there to lose... Not sure!

MIND CONTROL & TORTURE The impostor, who never following the protocol, said he doesn't mind about the "True Justice", he will commit suicide if they do something about him. The Voice-to-Skull permit to learn a lot about tortrers if you listen to them talking to each other. They sometimes forget they sell themselves.

La peur de l’imposteur
L’imposteur a vraiment peur de la «True Justice» parce qu’il sait qu’il a menti sur France Quenneville et a fait des choses qui ne respectent les ententes. Il dit n’avoir plus rien à perdre mais au fond, c’est tout le contraire. Il sait qu’il a aussi menti aussi au crime organisé dont il fait partie ce, depuis belle lurette. Et ça, il a bien peur qu’eux aussi le sachent. Alors, faire croire qu’il n’a plus rien à perdre... Pas sûr!

MIND CONTROL & TORTURE L'imposteur, ne suivant jamais le protocole, a dit se foutre de la True Justice, qu'il va se suicider s’ils tentent quelque chose contre lui. Le Voice-to-Skull permet d’apprendre beaucoup de choses sur les tortionnaires si on les écoute parler entre eux. Ils oublient parfois qu'ils se vendent eux-mêmes.

© France Quenneville, 24 février 2012.

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  1. Illegal Domestic Surveillance Program, cortex control… mai

    January 16, 2004: Senior AT&T Technician Writes

    Memo Outlining Specifics behind Illegal Domestic Surveillance Program

    Gathering ‘the Entire Data Stream’ - In his memo, Klein concludes that the NSA is using “splitter” equipment to copy “the entire data stream [emphasis in the original] and sent it to the [NSA’s] secret room for further analysis.” Klein writes that the splitters actually “split off a percentage of the light signal [from the fiber optic circuits] so it can be examined. This is the purpose of the special cabinet… circuits are connected into it, the light signal is split into two signals, one of which is diverted to the ‘secret room.’ The cabinet is totally unnecessary for the circuit to perform—in fact, it introduces problems since the signal level is reduced by the splitter—its only purpose is to enable a third party [the NSA] to examine the data flowing between sender and recipient on the Internet.” (Emphasis in the original.) In his book, Klein
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