vendredi 27 janvier 2012

TORTURE: Electrical veins

Torturers  may use a scanner emitting X-rays or  some laser beams as impaled rays in body of the victims, and they activate electrical veins  that moves from one place to another and that cause a lot of pain and burns. The elements that are the causes of this electrical conductive could be implants, natural hernia fills with urine (liquid) or the ones manufactured directly inside of the body by perps, body parts covered with metal like ears that support glasses which the frame is made of metal, the places where it is easy to find water or liquid in body parts such as the mouth filled with saliva, intestines, stomach, knees or other joints filled with inflammation due to arthritis or rheumatism, and wherever the muscles and flesh were mutilated, deintegrated or scratched by the Mosquito laser because these wounds are left raw and the exudate circulates in an attempt to heal the wound, etc.

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