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Ritual of wings

Initiation rituals of the Angels of Hell
Red wings? Black wings? Any colors wings!
Warning: Adult Content

Horned angels who make believe to themself that we owe them their evil wings
For having protected the society of unwanted human beings, despicables like… them.
Red wings of misogynists loosers whom pass through their ritual abuse on women during their red period.
Black wings of cowardly racists misogynists whom pass through their ritual abuse on black women simply because they're black people.
Wings... of looser necrophiliacs and misogynists whom pass their ritual abuse on dead women.
Wings... of looser pedophiles and misogynistics whom pass their ritual abuse on children.
This, with no restrictions and no limits. They all pass by there.

They’re proud of them and they’re looking forward to "pass their wings."
These men who lose themselves with justifications of all kinds
For finally fully enjoy their perversity in this ritual abuse,
This ritual abuse where sexual violence against women is honored.
These perverses confabulate and convince themselves that these women are prostitutes,
To come to believe they deserve the punishment that made them suffer
But they forget that it is them who enslave those they despise.

Often, thèse Ritual abuse are carried out in regular or psychiatric hospitals
The  unoccupied  operating or gynecology rooms are perfect for this.
The anesthesia and hypnosis to lull the "patient" and keep them immobile.
Then, after the operation, in the recovery room,  angels pass their ritual of wings
Then, these women have no memory of what happen, the rape drug is effective.
However, this may continue in their own homes this,  without their knowledge.

During the « Ritual of wings », there are seven people around their victim, the "patient".
The men are naked, but they hide the face of a white hood with holes for the eyes.
They use  two nurses for holding the  victim arms at the top of her head.
After having their satisfaction, as a signature of their sadistic and perverse gestures,
They sign their initials inside the female body defenseless with a Mosquito Laser usually used for precision surgery.
And they enjoy it!

The Native men, members of organized crime are no exception to the rule.
They also practice Ritual abuses to deserve their own wings.
Those who are members of secret societies, angels from hell ...
Their victims ... Especially indigenous women? Women from mixed-blood?
Hundreds of indigenous women disappear... Many of them which are found dead.
So ... Is it a rebellion against matriarchy or is it a "feminicide" or both?
Is this Silent tragedy perpetrated by criminals misogynists Indigenous?

Today, the angels of hell are of all colors and result from all gangs
These misogynistic are concealing their crimes by defaming their victims for discredit them.
Criminals abusers may come from any crops : the whites, the yellows, the blacks,  the browns, the  reds, (and maybe also the blues)!
They feed their delusion and their megalomania by taking their laser Gun, a Directed Energy and a Microwaves Weapon, for their male member.
They find that very fun and easy, as a video game, to pass  through the holes inside of the body of a woman for smashing her in secret, without a visible trace.
And, in their ignorance their misinterpretation, they gets very excited to see dripping the oozing from the radiation burns they inflict to these women.
Thus, this is the perverse and gullible easy way that they have the angels of hell to perpetrate Ritual Abuses to get their wings and... They continue to fantasize and feed their fantasy without being arrested by nobody.
By France Quenneville, November 27, 2014.

« They have only a commodity status, most of the time. So more often than not, they are people with no real power, vulnerables, isolated,they  discredit them by a defamation for let others to think they are what they are not, simply to silence them. Then, the real perverts do they not are  those who use them for their own fantasies? «  France quenneville

Source : Tactiques : agressions et harcèlement sexuels 

Mind Control / Ritual abuses

The Mind Control, torture and electronic rapes can be perpetrated with a kinf of "Wii" device. These rapists can do by themselves or cause by others some gestures they wish to see doing by their victims. Likewise, they enjoy it. They do visual voyeurism through surveillance cameras installed in the houses of their victims up to make some "pornography reality" and "Gonzo". After, they can put the real or fake and corrupt video on amateur porn websites. They can even make a business with that and ask for money to people, one or more at a time, to torture their victims. At this point, we enter the type of amateur pornography. This type is considered the most profitable. The players are not paid. And, unfortunately, in this case as in many others, the actors are people filmed without their knowledge. And this can happen anywhere, thanks to wireless technology and satellites. The Software of Mind Control as known as "TortureWare", also connected to scanners, allow you to see the naked body beneath the clothes, they are like those used  at Customs and airports. So, they can rinse their eyes by themselves even if the person is dressed. In fact, for users, this is just a video game. And the real humans harassed and tortured are for them simply some avatars in a game to hurt, to smash and to destroy. They have no respect for women that they abuse. They treat them as simply things and do not care at all about their suffering. And, when their "objects" are no longer useful for them, they get rid by selling those who are already slaves and prisonners, or by torturing them until they get really sick or dies. This is done without leaving marks on their body on the outside. But, the symptoms are those from radiation syndrome. But by inside, the Lasers and Microwave Weapons have passed totally through the body.  So, the body can not any more resist to the heat or the cold despite the number of layers of clothes that the person wears. In addition, the pain or sensitivity is increasing day by day because the radiation burns have a cumulative effect. Also, the flesh and muscles are emaciated under the skin. Nothing is seen at outside because this occurs inside the muscles or under the mucous membranes or between layers that surround them. Some inflammation (plasma) appears and the organs are bruised and aged prematurely, bones become porous, etc.
Par France Quenneville, le  1 er mars 2015.

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